Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's That Time Of Year

The time where I am making many middle of the night trips to check goat behinds.Going out in my PJ's and carrying a flashlight so I can get a good view. The girls just look up at me chewing their cud hoping I will be quick. They don't even get up when they see me coming. The baby monitor is on and turned up all the time. Labor and Delivery pen is all set up and waiting. Birthing cabinet is stock and waiting. All we need are the girls to go into labor and give us baby goats. They are due in the next few days and though their udders are filling up nicely the girls have decided to just relax and take their time. So I will just have to keep trudging out in my PJ's carrying my handy, dandy flashlight in hopes of finding one of them ready for my labor and delivery service.


Lamb said...

I feel your pain! I only have 5 does and 2 have kidded successfully. The other three must think I am such a perv, lol! I am following them around with my flashlight checking their nether regions almost every two hours or so. I am sleeping on the couch so as not to disturb the Darlin' Man as I am constantly up and down all night.
I just keep telling myself "Only 3 more to go"!

WeldrBrat said...

THANK you!!! I thought I was weird. Now I know I'm not, because I'm not the only one lurking out into the barn with my waders, flashlight and... wearing my pajamas!!

Carolyn said...

Yep. Spring. The time of late-night, pj-wearing, goat bum checks.

Mary said...

Peggy, I made it to your blog. Thank you so much for sending me the URL. I have missed you and hearing about your adventures.

Hope all the girls delivery safely and before long, so your night time excursions in your pajamas can stop and you can get a good night's sleep. I remember us doing that on the farm for horses and cows. Not a pleasant task, but a necessary one.