Monday, February 18, 2013

Still Checking Goats

It has been a nice weekend. Couple inches of snow, lots of cold, windy, weather, and a visit from Williams daughter Lisa and her older son Will. They came down to visit her younger son Harvey. Harvey is staying with us for awhile and mom was missing her baby. We are enjoying spoiling him and his help gathering eggs and feeding the animals.

 Did lots of cooking and eating (diet starts again tomorrow) and also got more seedlings started.

 And of course there is still the goat check. We have 3 goats that are pregnant. One is due any day, one in a week, and one middle of March. The one due now is really teasing me. She lost her ligaments, has a full udder, dilated about 3 and just knew she would kid today. Go out tonight and she is no longer dilated. She is sleeping peacefully next to her daddy. He gave me the evil eye as if to say if I woke up his baby to check her backside I would be seeing his bad side. Decided to come back in the house and check again before bed. I have the monitor on and all is quiet out there. I guess I need to make plans to go somewhere for a few hours. Once I leave I bet Lil Vickie will jump up and pop that baby/babies out and make me miss the whole thing. Such is kidding season around Hidden Haven. I think when I go out before bed I will take her a nice warm oat muffin and promise her more if she will just stop teasing me and have her baby!


TexWisGirl said...

this is why i have never bred livestock. i'd be a stressed mess. :)

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Peggy, Cute picture of Harvey and Grandpa.... Love it... Glad Lisa and Will could visit. I know that she misses her little guy.

Hope you get some baby goats soon.


Mike said...

Remember, when you reach the point of total insanity, wait a few more days.

Carolyn said...

And so the goat-butt-checking begins!! Or in other words, kidding season begins! Good luck with yours :)

Kelly said...

Cute grandson!!! Your lucky your husband is soo helpful! I can't wait to hear your birth story! I hope mine comes soon too, before my nerves are frayed!!!!