Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catching Up

Got a message from my friend Corky that I needed to post as she needed a "fix". So here you go Corky.

Grandson Justin is home from the hospital and having his appendix removed. I sat with him during the day so Melody could work as she used all her sick days when he had surgery for the bone infection. His wound from bone infection is healing nicely. We drove to Asheville this morning bright and early to see his doctor there. He still has to take antibiotics for the rest of the summer but no skin graft as it is healing nicely. Instead of home health coming 3 times a week to change the bandage he has to go to the wound care center. That is 3 trips a week and his teacher comes twice a week to keep him up on school work. His schedule along keeps everyone busy.

Skyler has had a cold and slight fever. He can't go to daycare until he is fever free 24 hours. He is going to spend the day with me tomorrow. I have so much fun with him. I have been helping Megan clean walls and paint . She is fixing up her house and it is looking so nice. I have plans to help her some this week as well.

Had the best Mother's Day ever! The first time since 2006 that all 3 girls and I got to spend it together. We had a family cookout at Megan's. Grilled chicken and shrimp with steamed veggies, grilled corn on cob, pasta salad, and lots of finger foods to nibble on while everything was cooking. Also had choices of different cakes for dessert. It was so good being with the girls and families. We joked, laughed, and talked way too much fun but can't wait to do it again. I was blessed with so many gifts from them as well as beautiful cards. It was a Mother's Day I will never forget.

Since graduations are coming up this month as well as a family reunion my plans are to return to Hidden Haven at first of the month. Kristine graduates May 24th

 and Woody graduates May 31st. Anyone else notice graduation invitations are lot fancier than they use to be?

 The family reunion is the 25th so hopefully things work out and I will attend all these and then head back to help William on the homestead.

We have planted a garden here but have had a few days of cold weather and a little frost. Hoping it will still make it. The flowers I planted around the cabin are protected by the roof hangover and are doing really well. The humming birds have found my feeder and keeping me busy filling it. I have 2 others I brought with me that I am going to clean and hang tomorrow. I have the one feeder right outside the kitchen window and love watching them feeding. The air conditioner is in that window so I have a big pot of gerber daisies sitting on the outside part where the humming birds swarm to them too. All the posts down the goat fence next to the cabin has bird feeders on them. I keep them filled and enjoy watching all the different birds eating. Lots of cardinals eat from the one closest to the cabin but don't go to the other ones. They are beautiful.

Got a window box built and placed underneath the living area window. I am wanting to put mint in it along with a couple of flowers. Just think it would be nice to smell the mint when the window is open. I don't plan on turning the a/c on until I absolutely have to.

Granddaughter Kristine went to her prom last Saturday. She is a smart young lady. She got a beautiful dress but knew she would be dancing and wanted comfortable shoes. Her and her boyfriend wore sneakers! I just love this photo showing them off.

 So that's what has been keeping me busy since last post. Not much homesteading news though I did make soap for the girls for Mother's Day. I also helped Melody load firewood as Joseph split it last night but it didn't take very long. They cut wood all summer to sell in the fall and winter. Last year they sold out in just a couple of weeks even with all the cords of wood they had stacked so this year means cutting lots more. They have to save some for themselves and our cabin!

Hope you spring is going good and your gardens and animals are well and healthy. Have a blessed one!

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Betsy Adams said...

Thanks for the update, Peggy... You seem so happy --and that must have been a very special Mother's Day for you... Wow!!!

Glad the kids are all doing okay despite the health problems. I'm glad you are there to help.