Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good Result Day

Today I went with Melody to take Justin to 2 doctors appointments in Asheville. The first doctor took out his picc line which meant I no longer needed to give him IV meds during the day. The second doctor said his wound was healing good and that there shouldn't be a need for skin grafts. He can also go swimming the end of July which makes Justin very happy. He no longer needs the wheelchair and only needs crutches when he is away from home. That means I can make plans to head back to the homestead for a few weeks to get animals ready to bring up and get some more downsizing done. William will be happy to have some help with the animals and Rusty will be happy to have his "mommy" back.

Quintin (Megan's son) was in the hospital a few weeks back with mono and what they thought was Lyme's disease. He went to a specialist in Charlotte, NC today. They drew blood and sent it to Yale to check for Lyme's disease but the doctor thinks he doesn't have it. He is taking the antibiotic till the test comes back and they know for sure. He got the okay to go to football practices as long as he takes breaks and doesn't overdo. He still gets tired easy but hopefully will soon be back to his regular self.

While in Asheville we went out to lunch and to a Goodwill that sells its items by the pound. I loved it!! Some items were 59cents a pound and some were a dollar and a few cents a pound. Furniture, tvs, and heavy items were priced by the piece. I got a few things for the cabin and a few items for me. We are planning a trip back to Goodwill with Megan and Maggie once I get back up. We could have stayed there all day as they kept bringing out huge bins of items every few minutes. My kinda store!

 Granddaughter Hope has learned to play the ukelele. She has played it over the phone for me and then Sunday evening she sat and played and sang for me. She and Quintin are also learning to play the guitar.

Melody and family have finally got their garden planted. We went over to where it was tilled up last evening. Hopefully no more frosts are coming in to get the tomatoes. The flowers and plants I set out around the cabin are taking off and growing. I have a few seeds I am going to plant tomorrow and will be bringing more plants back with me. Think they will like the mountain weather much better than the heat and humidity and should do well here.
Things are going well as William and I work toward getting moved to our cabin. Still lots to do at Hidden Haven but we seem to be on schedule. Lots of blessing to be thankful for here. Hope your day has been filled with blessings!


TexWisGirl said...

hooray for good medical reports! and for heading back to pack up animals!

Betsy Adams said...

Thanks for the update, Peggy. Sounds like everything is working out well... I'm sure that William will be thrilled to have you back!!!!!

Take care... Thanks for the great report!