Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This and That

Grandson Justin who was doing so well after his bone infection and surgery is back in the hospital. His appendix ruptured today. So looks like I will be at the cabin for a little longer this trip than planned. I was suppose to go home last Friday and it got postponed for a couple weeks so glad I was still here today and he wasn't home alone.

It has rained almost every weekend since I have been here and guess what... suppose to rain again this weekend. Going to a mother daughter church breakfast this Saturday and hopefully going to church Sunday with all 3 daughters.

Had a very wonderful time last Saturday when some of the church members went to a local nursing home and sang old time hymns. It was such a blessing to me and I met some really nice people there. They enjoyed us and we enjoyed their singing along and talking with us.

I have been going over and helping Megan paint and redo their house a few times a week. I realize I am too old to get up and down off the floor after painting baseboards and that my eyes don't work too good when painting after dark. Have fun with her though and get in some Skyler time.

My friend Debbi from LA sent me a box of VHS tapes. Had plans to watch movies with some of the grands Friday night but will have to wait and see how things go with Justin. Some of my grands are old movie buffs and love watching VHS tapes so we try to do that as often as we can.

Melody is finished with this semesters courses and passed all her classes. I look forward to having her home right after work instead of having classes and not getting home until 9PM. Know she and her family are happy about that too.

William is overwhelmed with things back at the homestead while trying to care for everything and still do his handyman jobs. Am hoping things calm down for him and that I get back there at least by the end of the month to start downsizing animals and taking over the animal care to free his time up. This delays our getting animals and things moved by the end of this month but that is okay. Things happen for a reason and I am learning to be patient (or least try to be patient) and accept things as they take place.

It has been so cool since we planted the garden I don't think anything is going to come up soon. It is suppose to get down to 35F at night next week. This week so far has been 38F and 39F at night and early mornings. which is too cool for gardens.

Bella and her puppy wandered off one day last week. William looked for them all day and our neighbor finally found them at the church. Well today (after me reminding William a LOT to fix the fence) they wandered off again and animal control picked them up. Cost us $221 to get them back. This was fees and fines for not having them on a leash and for microchips which they make all animals get that get picked up. The puppy also got a rabies shot which he was already scheduled to get May 14 so that is okay. Think after this hefty cost William will be out fixing the fence. Bella is lonely I am sure. She is my dog and follows me around all day. Sleeps in the floor of whatever room I am several times during the day and when she is outside she is right by my side when I come out the door. I think she just got lonely with William being busy and me not there and decided to go on a adventure. She has been staying in the yard all the time but is now back in the goat pens and hopefully the spot she found to get out of is fixed and she will be okay till I get home.

Life has its ups and downs but each day is a adventure I enjoy finding the blessings in.

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TexWisGirl said...

your poor grandson. maybe he's getting all of his medical stuff out of the way all at once! poor william. poor bella... :)