Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Blur

August has come and gone in a blur. All I remember is the heat, humidity, rain, and mud. Unfortunately September is starting out the same way. Lisa and Harvey spent Labor Day weekend with us. She helped us getting hay out of the field. We were on our way home from Sanford with the last load when a rainstorm pops up right over top of us. Of course the hay got wet which is just our luck. The customer I did the flower beds for last year is having to use a walker now. His wife has dementia so it is hard for him to take care of the both of them. He has a lady that takes care of his wife, cooks, and cleans during the day but needed someone nights. He really wanted me and I felt guilty telling him no but did find 2 nice women that I think will work out for him and his wife. I don't have enough hours in the day to get things done and didn't want to commit to helping someone when I will be leaving for the mountains in 2 weeks. As for us getting moved totally to the mountains, that seems to be taking a slow pace. We had hoped to be moved by Thanksgiving but doesn't look like it. We will be coming back and forth for awhile yet. Hopefully the animals will get moved by Thanksgiving and I will be able to stay there and William come back and forth to finish decluttering his stuff. Getting animals ready for the farmers swap meet this weekend and things ready for craft fair next weekend. Still working on soaps for daughters wedding guests gifts. I also getting things together to decorate for her outdoor wedding. She is getting married on our old farm where the dairy barn use to sit. Now it is a nice grassy hill overlooking the pastures below. She is going to have a picture of her dad with a antique milk bottle on a old milk stool near the archway. I think that will be perfect and know he would be very proud of her.  My grandson Justin that I spent a couple months taking care of after surgery last spring is having problems again. He had a bone infection and ended up having 2 surgeries and a wound vac. Well this time it is his other leg and they found 2 pockets of fluid on his bone. Not sure what they are or why they are there so is having a MRI today along with more blood tests. He is hurting so hopefully they will find out something today. We are hoping its not another bone infection and that they won't have to do surgery.  On a funny note, my granddaughter Kristine started college a couple weeks ago. This is the college where they held her HS graduation. Where she and her dad went and spent a day walking around to check out. Where she and her mom went and walked around where she would be having classes. And where she got lost. LOL First she couldn't find where she parked her car and after 30 minutes she finally ask someone to help her. Then she got lost going home. For her to go home all she had to do was turn right out of the parking lot and stay on that road ALL the way back to Newport. She went some other way and took her forever to find her way home. Everyone has had a good laugh with her but she is settling down now and doing well without getting lost. Grandson Woody was going into Air Force but changed to Army and will be leaving I think in October.  Grandson Wayne is in Illinois at Navy boot camp. 1 yr old grandson Skyler is out of the baby room at daycare. He went to his first day in the 1 yr old room and loves it. He remember some of his little friends from the baby room and has a new friend that is redheaded like him. He is growing up so fast and walking everywhere. I talk with him on the phone but he sure pitches a fit when mommy takes the phone away from him so I don't talk to him often.  Looking forward to being in the mountains soon and enjoying the cooler weather there. Hate William and the animals have to stay here for now but as William says.... its taking time but we will get there. Looks like rain is coming in again so best get outside chores done early. We had a bad storm yesterday with 2 inches of rain. The goats hate the mud but not much I can do about that.  Have a blessed day everyone!

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Sunnybrook Farm said...

We are north of you south of roanoke Va. welcome to the mountains! We had hard rain on Saturday and Sunday but missed getting any yesterday.