Monday, September 23, 2013

First Week In The Mountains

I am really enjoying my time here in our mountain cabin though it has been busy. Grandson Justin is doing really well. He is off his crutches and his wound has healed really well. He still has his picc line in and has IV meds 3 times a day. I do the 2PM ones each day and fix his lunch. His nurse comes on Mondays and his teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the weekends I am helping Megan get things ready for her wedding though Saturday Melody and I spent the day doing crafts. We now have beautifully fall decorations on the front of our homes. I will take a picture after I finish painting my front door. It has been so nice and cool here. I am enjoying sleeping under my quilts and wearing long sleeves. Rusty is getting settled to the cabin. The first few days he did not like it at all. Granddaughter Gabs lost her pig Elliott for 6 days. He got outside and ran off after getting home from the fair. We think the fair stressed him with all the people wanting to see and touch him. He won a blue ribbon for most exotic animal but Gabs said she wasn't taking him again. We had search parties roaming the woods looking for him. A neighbor called that saw him in their yard. They fed him biscuits and then put a trashcan over him until we got there. He is back home and happy and so is Gabby. William found a lady that had hatched some Canadian goose eggs. He bought a young goose that he hopes is a boy from her as a mate for Lucy Goosey. They are walking around and hanging out together so hopefully they will work out. Lucy has started laying eggs so we know for sure she is a female. Son in law Joseph has been working on the chicken pen getting it ready for our chickens. He is anxious for fresh eggs. We have been going through our hens seeing which ones we want to keep for here and which ones we want to sell. We have a lot to sell and a lot of ducks for sale also. William found someone with a ram to breed our sheep Mary before she comes to the mountains. We also are going to breed Lil Vicki and Rosemary before bringing them up. We just need to find homes for Mammie and Buttons. I think we have found the perfect home for Buttons if it works out.  Have been spending some of my evenings making soaps for a craft fair I am going to when I get back to Fayetteville. Time here seems to be going too fast but I really am enjoying every second. Enjoying being back at our little church and being with my daughters and all the grands. Skyler had a bad cold so I got to babysit him for 2 days. We had such a fun time. He loves walking down to the neighbors to see their goats. I can't wait until our goats are here and he can just step outside to see them. Wishing you a very blessed day!!

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melissa said...

Hey sweet sound content. And so busy. Four of our five chickens are laying well, yet one refuses to cooperate! She's in no hurry at all. :)

You take care.