Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Week Of September

This has been a busy and another hot and humid week. We have cut, split, loaded, hauled, unloaded, and stacked 3 pickup loads of wood.

One lady gave us a hickory tree and a guy gave us 2 oak trees. We still have more of both those to cut, split, and haul home. We have sold 2 cords of firewood so far so looks like it will be a good season for firewood. We have also mowed, weed eated, trimmed, edge, and raked 2 customers yards and have one more to do this week. We have flowerbeds to redo along with pouring a cement slab, and a few other repair jobs for another customer. These things all fit inbetween morning and evening feedings, housework, laundry, and making soaps and things for the craft fair this Saturday. I have to finish the soaps and other things I am taking up to the mountains next Sunday. Megan's wedding is Oct 5th but I am going up early to help her and to help with grandson Justin. He had another bone infection and had surgery last week. Hopefully he will go home Tuesday but with a PICC line so we can give his meds through IV. He is doing lots better today but will be out of school a month and on crutches for awhile. They brought a service dog around the pediatric ward over the weekend and Justin really enjoyed that.

I can't wait to get up to the mountains to help the girls and grands out but also enjoy some cooler weather. Looking forward to spending some time in my little cabin. Just have lots to do between now and then. Am sure it will all work out. Have a blessed one!!


Sunnybrook Farm said...

It was a little hot and humid here to be working wood, but that is such good wood I would have to take them up on it.

TexWisGirl said...

really sorry justin had to go through another surgery! bless him!

Betsy Adams said...

Bless your heart... I worry about you and your busy lifestyle --but I guess that is what is keeping you and William so healthy... Wish you two could go ahead and just get moved.. The longer you stay there, the harder it will get to move. Good Luck....

I know you are looking forward to the wedding though.