Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Saturday

Since Little Chick has no one to play or talk with I found a video on YouTube of a momma hen and her babies. Little Chick seem to enjoy talking to them. After this next cold spell coming through I hope to move Little Chick out with the rest of the baby chicks. Think he will enjoy the room of the heated little house over a cardboard box and heatlamp.

Finally replaced all the rusty stove pipe and got everything cleaned and put back together. Stove is humming along and keeping us and my tea kettle nice and warm. We still have plumbing to do. Have to replace the pipes underneath the house and have some rewiring to be done. Things keep us busy and behind all the time. Firewood is still selling, so we are still cutting, splitting, and hauling. Money is good but my back doesn't like it.

I am picking one spot each day outside to work on to get cleaned up, repaired, etc. Now if I can just keep William from piling stuff back where I have cleaned!

Weather forecast for next weekend is snow!! I know it probably won't happen but I am enjoying thinking about it.  Have a blessed one!


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Cutie, You are so good to Baby Chick… I'm not sure that Baby will be happy to move back outside with the other chicks… You have spoiled him/her so much.., ha

Sounds like you two are constantly busy.. People must be planning on a COLD winter this year since you are selling lots of firewood. We have some green wood ordered for next year.. Should be here in a couple of weeks.

We may get a little snow on Tues/Wed --since a VERY cold front is coming through.


melissa said...

That is the cutest photo I've ever seen.