Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Around The Homestead

Little Chick is finally big enough to join the other chicks outside in the heated chick house. They are really wanting out as the stand in the little windows and look out at the big world. In a few weeks we will move them to a chicken tractor with a heat lamp in the closed in side. I wonder if Little Chick misses his You Tube momma and siblings? LOL

Didn't make it the craft fair/food/clothing drive at Tractor Supply last Saturday. Bella (our Great Pyrenees) got her left hind foot caught in a steel trap. It was cut really bad and she made it worse by pulling on it until she got free. We spent a couple hours looking for her as we thought she did her wandering thing again. But she was doing her patrolling of the woods behind our property. She walks the fence line along the goat and chicken pens where she has chased a few fox off. She goes down to the swamp and walks around . There are coyotes in the woods so the owner of the property likes for Bella to walk the area. He even leaves his chained gate opened a bit for her to go in and out of. Well someone decided to overlook the no trespassing signs and set trap/traps. She is on antibiotics  and pain meds for 14 days but hopefully will be okay. Her foot looks really bad but she is a sweetie each day as I clean it. Please if you set traps make sure you let anyone in that area that has children or pets know.

I will be leaving tomorrow for the mountain cabin. Will be gone a couple weeks. William and I were suppose to go up next weekend for our family Christmas weekend. Since Bella is hurt and unable to travel that far he will stay here with her. Megan has to take Gabby for a root canal 3 hrs from here tomorrow so William is taking me to meet and ride to the mountains with her. I will get to enjoy keeping Skyler happy in the car as he doesn't like to ride very long. I am looking forward to taking a break from firewood. For the past couple of months seems like all we do is cut, haul, split, deliver, stack 7 days a week. Love the extra money but man am I tired and so far behind other chores. Been rushing around the past 2 days packing, cleaning, getting things set up so it will be easier for William while I am gone. Glad we had our Thanksgiving dinner last week but he has plenty of leftovers in the freezer. He will be playing Santa for a friends school while I am gone so need to find his santa suit and freshen it up. Rusty(my Pom) will be staying here this trip. He and Bella are buddies since she is staying inside for now. Think she likes his company and he thinks he is a big dog around her . Hey, let him dream. LOL

Buttons, Lil Vicki, and Rosemary are bred by Snowflake. Mammy has come in season yet but when she does and Snowflake does his job he will be going back home to get spoiled by his human mom that misses him. April will have us with baby goats, which is good as it won't be too cold or too hot. Perfect kidding weather. We have all of our roosters sold except the 3 we are keeping. We just need to catch the others one night after they roost. We also have someone wanting the hens we aren't keeping so when I get back I will work on getting them caught and delivered. Still need to find homes for some of our ducks. We have 18 and want to keep only 4. Lucy and Ricky the Canadian geese are doing really well. They both have grown and look so good. Lucy gets mad at me and pushes the gate to her pen with her foot if I don't bring her greens when I feed. I usually feed grain before I feed greens but with her I must do greens first. Such a diva attitude this goose has but I love it.

We had weather in the upper 70's for a few days but winter type weather has returned. It is suppose to get down in the 20's again this weekend. Now if we just had some snow!

That's it from around the homestead..... Have a blessed one!!

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Betsy Adams said...

Sounds like you are staying very busy.. Glad Bella is doing okay.. Poor thing. So sad that that happened to her.

Hope you have a nice time in the mountains.. When are you two ever going to get moved full-time????

Happy Thanksgiving.