Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just Chatter

We have been so busy delivering wood, checking and cleaning other peoples chimney or stove pipes that we just got around to checking ours today. Found we need to replace a elbow and one section of pipe so no fire for us tonight. Hate using electric heat as I can just hear the meter buzzing. Tomorrow we will have it all put back together and cleaned. William is cutting wood tomorrow with a friend so I get to stay home and catch up. I have a couple more loads of laundry, lots of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping to keep me busy for a bit. I also have the back porch to clean as a few hens have decided to roost on a porch railing. Once I get it clean I will be taking these hens to a chicken pen to stay. Most of  the chickens are in pens but there are some that free range. I don't mind as long as they leave my flowers and plants alone and don't leave poop where they have no business being. Once they break the rules its in the pen for them.

I was such a dumb bunny last night. Before I went to bed I went around changing the time on all the clocks in the house. William waited until I was finished to tell me I had moved them UP an hour instead of back. I still can't believe I did that as I have been waiting so long to turn back the clocks and get that extra hour of sleep each morning. I am glad he caught it last night instead of this morning.

Have a baby chick that hatched a week after all the others. The other 7 that hatched are outside in a small heated chicken house. This little one is here in the house under a heat lamp. I pick it up and talk to it but it is lonely. Hopefully it will grow fast and can go be with the other chicks soon. I sure hope we are done with baby chicks till spring.

 A friend called wanting us to take 2 Toulouse geese. William wants to of course but I have said no. We already have Lucy and Ricky the Canadian geese and 16 ducks. We are going to keep the geese and 4 ducks but selling the others so really don't need 2 more geese to feed or move.

With helping William with the wood business I have been slacking on good meals lately. Have better meals planned for this next week that hopefully will work out. Going to make some meals ahead so I just have to pop them in the oven at last minute and some crockpot meals planned. I feel better eating a good meal sitting down at the table but lately I have been fixing hotdogs, pizza, subs, for us to eat on the run. We were delivering wood around suppertime most days. This next week I have our wood deliveries scheduled before mealtime. Most customers work so its late evening before we can deliver. This week so far looks like we can do afternoon deliveries.

Still haven't found a buck for my girls yet. Am hoping to work that into my schedule this week. Have a friend I need to go talk to about borrowing her buck for a couple weeks.

The craft fair this past Saturday was a little slow but we did get lots of food donations for the church food pantry. The church feeds 148 families from the pantry so it was nice to be able to be a part of a great thing. Will be doing another craft fair the 16th that is also a food/blanket/coat donation for the homeless. Hope that one is as big a success in donations

The girls are planning our family Christmas weekend for the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it. We will be having it at Melody's this year. Hoping for snow but it may be just a bit early for that.

Have a book calling my name so will end this chatter, take my hot chocolate and book to bed. Have a blessed one!


Betsy Adams said...

We have fires in the fireplace going now (have for 2-3 days now that it's colder). Works great for us since we don't want to pay that electric bill either!!!!

Got some great Autumn photos yesterday --but that may be about all for this year. Leaves are coming down like crazy now!!!!

Hope you do get some snow for your Family Christmas… It's possible, you know!!! I'm just hoping that we get some snow here PERIOD this winter --after going through last winter with almost none.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, I saw your comment on Jenny's facebook re the fire at her neighbor's. So sad. Jenny is already having snow there!
I doubt that I will return to blogging but I will continue reading yours and feel free to email me any time. All the best to you and yours.