Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Very Blessed Christmas To You

Wishing your Christmas a overflowing with blessings! I am sorry I have not been blogging. Things just seem to take my time and when I do sit down to blog I am at a loss on what to post. I seem to have gotten away from the animal stories and the frugal, homesteading things going on around here. My New Year resolution is to get back to blogging the way I did when my first blog was created. Thank you for hanging in and hope you will follow along as I post  (more often I promise) in 2014.


melissa said...

Oh sweets. I understand. Blogging doesn't need to be a blessing, but a joy, and sometimes there's just not the urge. I get that.

Glad you're well, and hope you stay good and warm. Spring can't come soon enough for this Southerner. :)

And Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Betsy Adams said...

No problem. I can keep up with you on FB --which helps…

Hope you and William and the family have a terrific 2014.