Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heading Back To The Homestead

Heading  back to the homestead tomorrow. I have been up at the mountain cabin for a couple weeks enjoying the daughters and grands. We have our family Christmas weekend this past week and it was so busy but fun! It was so great to have us all together for the entire weekend at Melody's. We played family games, watched Christmas movies, made ornaments, made cookies and candies that we delivered to shut ins as we Christmas caroled one night. We had a scavenger hunt that was so hard but so much fun it took most of a afternoon and didn't end until after dark. We had tons of food, snacks, our annual red and green pancake breakfast , Happy Birthday Jesus cake. We started with the youngest opening presents so that took a long time but was so much fun to watch as each one opened their gifts. Love our family Christmas weekends!

Melody and I did some Christmas crafts and now the cabin is all decorated. We also spent a entire day decorating the church for Christmas. The pastor said the church had never looked so beautiful. That made my day as I was worried they wouldn't like it. I got to babysit Skyler today. He had a rash and Megan didn't want him going to daycare. We had a fun day. Walked down to visit the neighbors goats and spent some time outside. We read books, played with toys, put puzzles together and just enjoyed being together. He is such a happy little one.

William has been overwhelmed with firewood orders. Trying to cut, split, deliver, and stack wood along with all the other homestead chores is a bit much. He is looking forward to my getting back to help. Bella is doing much better and actually walking on all 4 feet with just a slight limp. William says the wound is healing. I am sure I will have lots of laundry, dishes, and housework to catch up on as well as helping with the firewood. This has been a nice break but now its time to get back and try to get things done so we can get up here full time.

Granddaughter Kristine is switching to East Tennessee University this spring. Grandson Woody leaves for Ft. Benning January 21st for bootcamp. Am so glad he doesn't have to leave until after the holidays. Granddaughter Hope finishes up her senior year in a couple weeks. She will still walk across the stage with her class at the end of school year. She just doesn't have to go to anymore classes. She has a fulltime job at Drakes Software and seems to enjoy it. She wants to go to college in Wilmington, NC next year. All the other grands are busy in school and after school activities. It was great having the weekend to catch up with them and just have fun.

We had one day where it snowed enough to cover the ground but has mostly been warm while here. Next weekend is suppose to be icy so guess its a good thing I am heading back tomorrow.

Hope your Thanksgiving was the best and that your days are overflowing with blessings!

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Peggy.