Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mutterings From The Homestead

Skyler had the flu Christmas morning but still managed to have fun. Santa had left him trucks,toys,books,balls, but the one thing he would not put down was his Duck Commander duck caller. Megan said he even used it while his brothers were reading the Christmas Story. He finally fell asleep with it and everyone got a break.

I am trying something different. I am dividing up my tasks into time slots. I give myself an hour cleaning around the animal pens a day. An hour cleaning up one certain part of the yard. An hour decluttering one dresser, closet, cabinet, etc. and the rest of the day is for everyday chores. Hopefully this will help me get things done without being overwhelmed. There is so much to go through and get rid of. I just need to keep William from bringing more in.

Have been working over the food budget. Going through pantry and freezers to see what we have and making menus from that. Using up what I have so I don't have to spend more at the grocery store. Having some really good meals with little cost. Tonight was flounder, crab cakes, slaw, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and blueberry pie. The flounder and crab cakes were given to us this summer along with other fish that I put in freezer. The slaw was made from cabbage given to me by friend with farmers market along with the potatoes. The corn I froze from our summer garden and pie made from blueberries  I froze this summer.

I added my reading list to my side bar. I have a couple friends asking what I was reading so thought I would put my reading list up. Will try to do a small review as I finish a book in case you might want to read it. Hopefully I will remember to add and remove as it changes.

The buck we borrowed has done his deed with 3 of our 4 girls. Buttons, Lil Vicki, and Rosemary will be kidding early April. Mammy didn't come in this time but will try to catch her next time and get her bred. Snowflake went back home to his family and things have settled down in the goat pen.

That is what is going on around the homestead today. Hope you are having a blessed one!


Carolyn said...

Glad you got most of the gals bred! I'm still wondering if my newest "Boer" gall is bred, she was suppose to be, but doesn't look like it. Hope I don't have to wait another year.

I LOVE the "One Hour" task idea; I may just have to implement that here.

Ruth Dixon said...

I like your one hour task idea... but I am easily distracted, so I when I do stuff like that, I make it shorter blocks of time. It makes me feel so much more effective!

And the duck call... how sweet, but insanity at the same time!