Thursday, January 23, 2014


Not the sew on type buttons but Buttons our Nubian/Alpine milk goat. She has me puzzled. We sold Robbie our buck last spring so we wouldn't risk him breeding his daughters. There hasn't been a buck at Hidden Haven since then until November 8th when we borrowed a buck from a friend to breed the girls. Buttons was in full blown season and Snowflake the buck went right to work. That would make her due to kid in April. We usually have our goats dried off by the last two months of pregnancy so they can rest and build themselves up for kidding and feeding the babies. Buttons dried herself off 2 weeks after she was bred and I mean dried herself to where she didn't have one drop of milk after giving us a half gallon a day. She also exploded and looks like she is ready to kid any minute. Last year she had triplets and got huge the last 2 months. This time she got huge within 3 weeks and keeps getting bigger. If I didn't know for a fact she couldn't have gotten bred before November I would swear she is going to kid soon. I am thinking she has to have 4 or more kids inside her or some really big kids. So what do you think? Any guesses on how many? Unless she has premature kids she won't deliver until April... honest there is no way she was bred earlier.


Linda Foley said...

I just saw this post - how is Buttons?

Peggy Lineberry said...

Still pregnant but doing well. She is due April 4th but hopefully will kid early as she is huge!