Thursday, January 9, 2014

What a Crazy Winter

Though our weather hasn't been anywhere near what most of the country has been dealing with we had 3 days of frigid cold temps. It was nice and would have been perfect if we had had snow. Carried water out several times a day so the animals could drink without having to lick the solid ice blocks in their waterers. I carried and spread so many bales of straw I felt like I should have popeye muscles. Put up plastic to block the wind, hung heat lamps, and fed lots of extra feed so everyone could keep their body temps up. Happy to say all the critters survived with a few roosters having some frost bite on their combs. Today the temps were up in the 50Fs and Saturday is suppose to be 70F with severe storms and tornado warnings. I tell you its a crazy winter! I have daffodils popping up everywhere.

Firewood is still the main thing happening around here. If we aren't cutting and splitting we are delivering and stacking. We have really been blessed with firewood customers this year. I have had to skip a few days of spending and hour on outside and inside projects but spent several hours cleaning our kitchen cabinets and the fridge tonight. Have the Hoosier cabinet and kitchen island to clean out along with taking down some kitchen decorations and only putting a couple back up.Decluttering and getting rid of stuff sure feels good! Tomorrow I will tackle the front porch area for an hour and pretty it up as I clean and toss. Have a load of firewood to deliver tomorrow afternoon and hopefully can spend the stormy Saturday working inside.

Just simply living is all that's going on around the homestead. Have a blessed one!


Melissa Smith said...

I hear you. Simple living? That's hard work, isn't it? Just maintaining the normal life. You take care, though, Popeye. :) Don't break!

Kelly Mosley said...

This Winter is horrible! Our temps got into the 50's today with rain. I'll take it!!!!! It's supposed to be a nice weekend but now I feel like I'm coming down with something :/ Glad your animals made it through. I lost an entire litter of rabbits on our coldest day. I think the wind chill was -20 or something crazy. I know I couldn't go outside without gloves. My hands got frostbitten within minutes. Looking forward to Spring :)