Monday, January 13, 2014

RIP Fred

Fred,our Bourbon Red turkey passed away. He was old in turkey years but we hoped he would be around at least a couple more years. Poor Tessa keeps walking around looking and calling for him. Fred was our TV star. He was on channel 5 weather with Greg Fishel or at least his photo was. We could always tell when it was going to rain because Fred would only roost inside his roosting house if it was going to rain. Greg would call for rain and I would email and tell him no because Fred was roosting outside.  Fred also didn't like the heat and would spend his day standing in front of a fan trying to cool off. Fred would come when called and would gobble back and forth with you. He was a sweetheart. He loved having his grain put up on the fence ledge so he could eat above all the other critters. He would scold you if you forgot or didn't give him enough. He loved and protected Tessa even when she had a crush on a young rooster. Fred is really going to be missed around here. There will never be another weather turkey for Hidden Haven.


Melissa Smith said...

So sorry, sweets. He sounds like he was a winner. And the story you about the weather man is hilarious....but sad because Fred is gone. Birds certainly do have amazing personalities.

Sarah Suwalski said...

So sorry. Never easy losing an animal that you care about. I love that you would email the weather man!!!!

Betsy Adams said...

Poor Tessa… I'm sure she is lonely without Fred… So sorry to hear this news… He was the Weather Rooster for sure.


Kelly Mosley said...

Awe, poor Tessa :(
Fred sounds irreplaceable for sure, sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing his story with us.