Friday, June 13, 2014

Green Beans

I pick the first mess of green beans this morning. From the looks of all the blooms  there will be plenty more to pick. I also got another pan full of peppers. Pepper plants are really producing this year.

Looking forward to making pickled peppers and cowboy candy again this year. Have tiny squash plants and lots of cucumber blooms. Plenty of green tomatoes that hopefully will ripen. Need rain so I  don't have to water so often but at least Things are growing!


Melissa Smith said...

Wonderful. Seems early to me for you to have such gardening success. Cowboy candy? That's a new one for me! Must look it up...and I'm Southern!!!

Ian Holland said...

Are you going to pass on the recipe for Cowboy Candy? pretty please, pretty please.

Peggy Lineberry said...

Sure will in tonights post