Friday, November 7, 2014

Crookston Minnesota

It's raining and windy here today. Haven't gotten the snow I have been wanting since coming to Minnesota. Seems the wind is blowing all the time here. Crookston is a lovely small town with population a little over 7000. It is a farm town. Dixie Crystal Sugar plant is here. I was surprised that there are mostly sugar beet farmers here and the beets are used to make sugar. I never knew unless it says pure cane sugar on the package that sugar is mostly made from sugar beets. Sunflowers are grown everywhere here too. There is a grainery in town where the farmers take their grains and a train loads them and takes them off to be processed. My daughter picked a perfect town to move to. The Red Lake River runs right through the middle of town.It freezers over in the winter and there are all kinds of ice festivals on the river along with ice fishing and lots of skating. I am enjoying getting to know this town where my daughter and family now call home but look forward to going back to the homestead in a few weeks.


Melissa Smith said...

Her town sounds so dear....I'd like a small town, I do think. And didn't know about the beets. That's encouraging after what you can read about sugar plantations in other countries.

You enjoy your visit. It'll be over way too soon, but so happy you're pleased with her setting. Hugs to you, love.

kierbearsmommy said...

Sounds like a darling little town!