Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Squirrelly Around Here

Yesterday I was carrying some things into the house and pushed the screen door to the back porch to stay open. Of course I forgot to close it. Later I went out on the back porch to get something and scared a squirrel that was stealing sunflower seeds from the bag I had opened to fill birdfeeders. Well Mr. Squirrel just couldn't run back out the open screen door. No, he had to run into the house! He ran all around the kitchen knocking things off counters with Rusty all excited right behind him barking. He then ran down the hall into the guest room where he decided to hide behind a speaker.

I tried, really I did to get him to come out  from behind there and go back outside. He wouldn't budge. So I left him there until William got home a couple hours later. I closed all the doors to other rooms and left the back door open. William moved the speaker and shooed him out of the room. Mr. Squirrel ran down the hall past the open back door to freedom and straight between my feet. I screamed like a girl while jumping up on the counter out of the way. William was busy laughing but thank goodness Rusty came to the rescue and went over to sniff Mr. Squirrel and scared him out the door. He still didn't go out the open screen door but hid under the parakeet cage.
Finally after having a crazy lady take a picture of him he ran out the screen door, up on the banister and straight up the oak tree. He didn't stop until he was several trees away. I have a feeling he won't be trying to steal anymore of my sunflower seeds. Or at least for a long while. Like I always say.. it's never boring around the homestead! Don't forget to count those blessings... even the squirrelly ones.


Lamb said...

Poor little squirrel! He is probably regaling his squirrely friends with the tale of being chased by a giant after he innocently nibbled on the snacks left out to entrap him! LMAO!

WeldrBrat said...

HAHAHAHA! Where was that fishing net? Anybody living 5 miles near a squirrel should own one of those fishing nets with a handle! If not... then, they should own a video camera. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! I had a bird to get in the house one day and knock things off shelves but I bet a squirrel would really be scary! Glad Rusty came to the rescue!

HossBoss said...

Your version of this story is hilarious. But I bet the version Mr Squirrel is telling to his buddies sounds more like a 'caught behind the lines' wartime novel. LOL

Mike said...

'scream like a girl'. hahaha. That cracks me up. You're supposed to do that. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL! We had a chipmunk run in our house before but one of our cats ran after it and took it back outside for us though. I'm back on Blogger now.




TexWisGirl said...

too funny!!! amazed that your dog didn't eat him! mine would have!

Carolyn Renee said...

Yup. Been there, done that. But it makes for great campfire or blog stories! :)

Rain said...

Don't ya just hate that when the "scream like a girl" comes out of your own mouth!!!!!!!! geeze!!!

Terry and Linda said...

He knows a good place...your house. He may not be back inside, but he will stay around. Heck! I would too if I were there somewhere in the woods.


Patty said...

This is the greatest story! I think more parents should do things like that. She sounds like a great mom!

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I really enjoy your fun posts!