Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Around The Homestead

Beryl is giving us some much needed rain. She did her worst in Florida but thankfully she ran out of steam and is just dumping rain on us. Everything in the gardens seem to be standing taller and lifting their faces upward as they take their much needed showers.(Kinda puts the picture of plants with shower bonnets on and a back brush in their leaf doesn't it) The ducks and geese are very happy to see lots of mud puddles to play in. They have forgotten their swimming pools for now. The rabbits are being lulled to sleep by the rain hitting their tin roofs. The chickens are sitting on their roosting poles happy to be dry while enjoying the coolness the rain has brought. The turkey don't seem to pay any attention and are scratching about like they don't even feel the rain on their back or the need to get in out of the rain. The goats, well the goats are all crowded into one stall, staring out at the rain with very mean looks on their faces. Doesn't matter that there are stalls, goat houses, goat shelters all around and nice and dry. They choose to crowd together and fight for the perfect spot. They do not like getting wet and if looks could kill when I went out to feed this morning I wouldn't be here posting right now. I put their feed in their feed pans in all the different stalls, houses, and shelters. They stood and gave me the evil stare for not bringing the feed to them in the one stall. Like I would enjoy being pushed, stepped on, and knocked around just to serve them breakfast all together.  A few finally faced the fact if they wanted to eat they had to get wet and walk to their breakfast. I put their hay under the big shelter so they could move there if they wished to stay together and talk about me while they munched. We sold all but 3 of Tinkers puppies last Saturday. Thought she might be sad but all she did was take over nursing Bella's. Bella being a old hand at motherhood had already weaned her puppies. Tinker being a first time mom doesn't know to wean and just lays, stands, sits, while all the puppies pull, bite, and scratch. She makes faces but doesn't move. Bella seems to smile when she sees this and just walks on by. If Bella's puppies try to nurse her she snaps at them and they walk away. Wonder what Tinker will do when Bella's puppies go to new homes Saturday? 2 already have a very nice couple waiting to take them to their farm and the rest are being advertised today. One of the last of Tinkers will be going to its home next week and one William named Buck will be staying here to keep Tramp company. It's been a little crazy feeding 18 puppies but as they go to new homes I feel a tiny bit sad not seeing them run to greet me and get under my feet so I can't walk.  They are going to make excellent guardian dogs as they grow and know their new families will be very happy with them. These photos were taken as they were on their way to get a bath a few days ago.

 This picture is of Tinker's puppies on their way to the Flock Swap before heading to their new homes.

 I have been getting tomatoes and yellow squash out of the garden but tomorrow I will be able to pick green beans and cucumbers! I just love fresh veggies and can't wait to start canning.


goatpod2 said...

Cute puppies! We got a downpour of rain yesterday morning and expecting more rain on Friday!


amelia said...

It sounds like heaven at your farm Peggy but how can you bear to lose those pups? They are just adorable!

TexWisGirl said...

LOVE those pups! so handsome and will be wonderful dogs!

PEA said...

Hello dear Peggy:-)

I'm finally back to blogging and visiting, have really missed all of you. I just needed a break from the computer but now it feels good to be back!

Sounds like life on the homestead is as busy as ever:-) Those puppies are too adorable for words, no doubt it will be hard to say goodbye to them but so glad that they are going to other good homes. I was so sorry to hear about Kuma, I can well imagine how much you're missing him. Losing a beloved pet is never easy.

We planted our potatoes last week but nothing else has been planted in the garden yet. The second week in June is when we usually plant so as you can see, our growing season is wayyyy behind yours! lol

Think of you often!! xoxo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, I always enjoy reading your updates... The puppies are so precious.. I'm not surprised that the puppies sold.. SO CUTE...

We had two chances to get rain yesterday --and it totally missed us. Darn!!! We need it! Glad you got some.