Friday, May 4, 2012

The Flower Beds

I am still working on the flower beds for a customer of William's. I forgot to take a before photo of the flower bed beside the driveway. It is a small one that was full of weeds,grass, a few iris and day lilies. Dug all the flowers out and got William to till it up for me. Put some of the day lilies back along with the iris and then added some flowers from other flower beds as well as a couple I purchased. Though its small it took a whole morning from start to finish.

The flower bed in the front yard is big and had tons of grass,a Chinese maple and a few flowers left in it. The man's wife use to love working in her flower beds but now has dementia. He spends his time caring for her so ask me to redo the flower beds hoping she might get some pleasure out of seeing them. William and I dug up what flowers were there except for the iris right next to the tree. I decided to leave and work around them. Got William to till the ground while I went behind him raking and gathering up all the grass and weeds.

This flower bed took all day and a couple hours the next morning. I forgot to take a photo the next morning with the rest of the block around the flower bed. I put some of the day lilies from the other flower bed in this one along with flowers I took from other flower beds around the house. Purchased a few more. Separated some of his money grass and planted it around the inside edge of the flower bed. The next morning I also put up a shepard hook and hung two hanging flower baskets. These photos are from the end of the first day of working on it.

Monday I will start on the flower beds that run along the front of the house. Then on to the sides and backyard flower beds. Though its been a hot, sticky job I am really enjoying the work and hope the wife gets some pleasure out of them.

We have been having record high temps for this time of year. Have no idea if this is spring temps how we will cope with what summer brings. Fred the turkey usually doesn't mind the heat until mid July. Yesterday he just couldn't take the heat any longer.

Though its been hot I refuse to turn on the A/C this early so suppers have been something I can cook quickly or prepare without cooking. Last night was steak, roasted garlic/rosemary potatoes and a nice big salad made from fresh veggies from the garden. Off to get plants and animals ready for Flock Swap tomorrow at Tractor Supply. It may be called a Flock Swap but its more like a Farm Swap where everyone brings animals, poultry, plants, eggs, etc to sell or trade. Last month the whole side of the parking lot was full of  seller/traders. Here is hoping we can sell a few goats, chickens, and lots of herb and garden plants. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to count those blessings!


MamaDragon said...

Love your new title, header photo collage! You have done a fantastic job on those flower beds. I shall not look at my flower beds, they are simply embarrassing!

TexWisGirl said...

the work you're doing (and the reason for it) is just sweet...

Mike said...

Good luck tomorrow. Higgins would love to come. We'll see. Maybe next one I can bring some Polish roos and maybe some rabbits.

I think with 18 pups William needs to buy some more goats, rather than y'all sell. I'll be on the look out. hehe

Kelly said...

Peggy, the new header is beautiful! So are the flower beds. I wish you were near to help me get my peony bed fixed. I need help. Much Love.