Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coo Coo at the Zoo

Remember the old woman who lived in a shoe? The one with so many children she didn't know what to do? Well I feel like the old lady that lives in a zoo. Have so many animals I am going coo coo! For some reason known only to Bella she has decided Tinker's puppies should belong to her. She tries to pick them up and carry them to join her puppies. This of course gets on Tinker's last nerve and a fight breaks out. Well I moved Bella to a pen all to herself and puppies. She is major depressed and now Tinker's puppies are running around everywhere. That means they are going through the fence to where Bella is and Bella carries them to her bed of puppies and Tinker is going crazy trying to get over the fence. Thanks to the baby monitor I know right away whats going on and go out to retrieve puppies and put them back where they belong. I have no idea why Bella would even want 18 puppies and have no idea what to do when all the puppies are running around and exploring everywhere. When I went out to give fresh water at lunchtime Tinker Junior decided to show me his mean, eat you alive side. He stood up and growled at me but I was so busy laughing I forgot to be afraid.

The baby chicks vultures are growing. I can't get a good picture because whenever I go to their pen they run to the gate waiting to attack me and eat the grain before I can put it in the feeders. They are crazy! I can't walk in the pen without checking twice before I put a foot down. Hopefully some of these will be sold at the Flock Swap this weekend. The 2 big white rock chicks are being picked on by all the others. These are the biggest chicks in the pen but the little ones chase and peck at them. Am going to move them tomorrow to their own pen so they can get their feathers back.

I moved the baby ducks to their own pen. They miss their mommy and mommy is crying for them. Makes for a noisy afternoon before it quietened down.

Buttons triplets(2 boys and a girl) finally have names.Harley, Farley, and Marley. They are into everything! They are always running, jumping, or climbing.

Bella's puppies are finally getting their eyes open. That means they soon will be exploring. Wonder if Tinker will want Bella's puppies?

I actually got blackberry bushes set out today along with some work in the herb garden and greenhouse. Did a little housework and lots of paperwork. Got the bills ready for William to give his customers tomorrow. All in all though it is a zoo around here I am making a dent in my forever growing to do list. Am blessed I can still get chores and animal care done each day. Hope you are counting your blessings!

Supper tonight was hotdogs with chili and coleslaw and a nice big salad made with items from our own garden! This 90plus weather takes away the desire to spend time in the kitchen cooking.


TexWisGirl said...

you've got your hands full, for sure! keeping pups where they should be and mamas from fighting! yikes!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Bet you do feel a little disheveled these days... Holy Cow---you need people there to help you with all of those babies... Too bad you can't get help from some school kids learning about farming --who would get some school credit...

Hope you can get all of the new babies with the correct Mom's....

Be careful where you step!!!!! ha ha

My love and prayers are with you, Peggy.. I admire you for what you do..

God Bless You.