Monday, June 10, 2013

I Survived

For the past 9 days I have thought I would have to die to get better. I got hit by a horrible flu bug. For days I couldn't keep food down but ice was my friend. I couldn't get warm yet had a fever. Coughing seemed to be a never ending thing no matter what I tried to take to calm them which meant there wasn't much sleep. Today I am coughing but not as bad. I am blowing or wiping my nose every few minutes but fever is gone and I actually had energy to do my laundry. I still have photos and a post to share about  a historical spooky walking tour a group of us went on late one night. Now that I am among the living  that post should be here soon.

While I was in the midst of being sick William lost his dear sweet Tinker. Though Tinker was our guardian dog for the goats she was Williams. He is still very, very devastated over losing her.  When I head back to the homestead it is going to be so strange not to have her licking my face and wanting me to rub her belly.

RIP Tinker


Katidids said...

Gosh you've had a rough past few weeks. Glad to hear your feeling better, that virus is knocking folks back around here as well.
So sorry to hear you've lost your fur baby. I know it hurts badly. We lost out goldie of 13 years last spring. It takes me back still when someone comes to the door and I wonder why he didn't bark....hugs to you both

TexWisGirl said...

i am sorry for your loss of your sweet friend. glad you are getting better.

melissa said...

(pardon me if this double posts...silly blogger)

Just wanted to say that I'm so sorry about you being so sick (harder when it's warm outside) and for William's loss of Tinker. Tough for you both.

Hope the coming days can bring some relief.

And btw, your blog looks beautiful. :)