Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shadows Walk

Shadows Walk is walking history tour of Franklin, NC with a little haunting, ghosts, and spirits thrown in. My daughter Megan got a group of us together for the 10PM until Midnight tour one Saturday night. There are lots of towns starting to do these and if your town is one you should really go. There was so much history told along this tour that I never knew about our town. Over 36,000 people in villages throughout Macon County were burnt and villages destroyed. History has smoke being seen from this for 3 months. The story of a slave girl killing her husband and then hanging herself. Because of her killing herself she couldn't be buried in a cemetery and the custom was she had to be buried at a crossroads 10 feet down with a stake in the heart. The reason was if the spirit somehow came back it would be confused in which direction to go. For many years I have driven right over that crossroad and never knew the story. Or the story of the end of civil war right on main street in Franklin when the confederate flag was taken down and the shooting that erupted by some not accepting the end of war. Gregg Clark is a excellent story teller who has researched each story he tells to make sure the facts are there. He takes you back like you are actually seeing, hearing, and smelling the story firsthand. As for the scary part of the tour that really brought out goose bumps!. We has stopped in front of Macon Bank while he told the story of the family that sold the house and the land where the bank is now. When they sold they told the buyers they would not be responsible for anything that happened if the buyers tore the house down. The buyers went ahead and tore the house down and built a big beautiful bank only to have lighting strike and burn it to the ground. When Greg got to the part of the story about the lighting strike out of the dark sky a lighting bolt popped right behind the bank. It couldn't have been planned any better. Of course we had to make a mad dash to the Historical Building to wait out the rain but got to hear more stories of people in Franklin's history.  We took pictures of empty windows where ghost were suppose to been seen. Granddaughter Gabby captured something in the corner of her window that wasn't seen in the photo of the same window at the same time by friend next to her.

 The tour is by appointment and its not the same tour each time as there are so many stories to share. There are also sit ins where you go and sit and listen to the stories of that building or home while enjoying snacks and drinks. This is one of the most awesome ways to learn and enjoy the history of   our town. I hope if your town has one you take the time for a walking tour. You won't regret it.

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