Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Packing Up

Got the few clothes I am taking back with me all packed along with bible, devotional book, and a few CD's. The cabin is all cleaned, bed linens washed and back on bed. Fridge has been emptied and cleaned out as well as other foods that would go bad before I get back taken up to Melody's. I have spent the last few days getting lots of Skyler love and spending time with Quintin, Gabby, Raigun at Megan's house. Today I got to spend time with Hope and Woody looking at old photos. They didn't recognize some of their own baby pictures nor a couple of when this grandma was younger. LOL  I sure am going to miss all the grands but will be back soon. I am so excited to see Rusty, Bella, and the goats. I am even looking forward to all the chores waiting on me. Seems like I have been away forever. William isn't feeling well but am hoping he gets past this bug and is feeling better by the time I get home.  He is having lots of heavy rain there so the goats aren't very happy with all the mud. We are having scattered storms here but its not bad. The humidity at the homestead is really bad. William says it was 76F the other morning but the humidity made it feel so much worse and his clothes were soaking wet from the sweat. I am not looking forward to that part of going home but will deal with it while we work on getting downsized to move up here to our cabin. The gardens are coming in so will be busy canning when I get back. I will take lots of pictures to catch everyone up on the animals and their adventures as well as all the awesome food we will be preserving for next winter
  Hope your day is overflowing with blessings!

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The Bryant Bunch said...

You always have so much going on! makes me tired just reading it! :)