Saturday, June 22, 2013

This and That

A nice quiet morning is a perfect way to start the day. Have been busy helping Megan the past few days as well as getting things cleaned and done around the cabin. If things go as planned I will be heading back to the homestead next Sunday after Skyler's first birthday party. I still have a cough from that awful flu that took forever to leave and I still get tired easy but am blessed each day to be a little better. William is already gathering cucumbers from the gardens so I see making and canning pickles in my very near future. I am so looking forward to eating lots of fresh veggies and putting away some for winter. Can't wait to see all the animals and see if they remember me. I sure have missed them all. I dread the heat as I haven't even turned the AC on here. I have a fan in one of the windows and leave the door to the cabin open and it stays nice and cool day and night. I sleep under a blanket which won't be happening when I go back to Hidden Haven. That is the one thing we both hate about living there. The heat and humidity seem to drain us more than it use to. Part of getting old but it sure is hard to handle every day. William says  the customer I did the flower beds for last year is anxious for me to get back and do a little work on them. William has been weeding them but said the customer wanted me to add a few more here and there and give it a special touch for the summer. I also have lots of things for the Farmers Swap Meets and sure have missed being there. Especially being able to talk with friends while swapping and selling. See you soon Sebine! Next week will find me finishing up helping Megan with her home and spending more time with the grands. Sure going to miss them but happy to know one day we will be back up here for good. Hope each of you have a blessed weekend!

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