Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Barbara Bush and Hillary Clinton

BeeBee as I like to call her since I am such a close friend is a wonderful mother. She watches over her girls like a hawk. No one or nothing can get near her babies without going thru her. When the babies were born Bella and Tinker went to have a sniff. They always sniff the new babies so they will know their scent and protect them. Well BeeBee would have none of that. She stood her ground and snorted at Bella. Bella backed up one step and showed her teeth to let BeeBee know she would not bother the babies but she wasn't afraid of her. Tinker being the big as a horse puppy she is went to have her sniff and when BeeBee snorted Tinker barked and started chasing her away. BeeBee head butted Tinker. I ended up separating the two of them. BeeBee was in the stall with her babies and Tinker was in the other goat pen but they both were still mad. BeeBee would stomp her foot and snort while glaring at Tinker. Tinker sitting behind the fence would stare at BeeBee and growl. Barbar Bush believes in taking care of her own babies with no outside help.
Hillary Clinton really believes in it takes a village to raise a kid. She leaves the bottle feeding to me and lets everyone else watch her babies during the day. She will put them to bed at night and then go lay outside the stall to keep an eye on them. Today when I took their picture the boys were napping in their stall.

Bella was babysitting by staying right outside the door.

 Hillary was off having a afternoon snack and chatting with the other girls.

 She believes in loving her babies but having all the outside help she can get.

Me? I am looking forward to these two ladies going home to their farm with their darling babies.


Lynda said...

Wonderful made me laugh! Thanks!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Ha----Love the names, Peggy.... So Hillary says that 'it takes a village' to raise her babies...And Barbara doesn't want ANY help at all.... LOVE IT....

Now--I have a question... Which one is Michele Obama?????? ha ha


Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to visit with you Peggy. Never a dull moment, huh?

Easter blessings to you and your family.

Granny said...

I think you've named them right. As always, I love your critter stories. Hope the cleanup around your town is coming along well.

Have a blessed day.

amelia said...

They are just gorgeous!! It's a lot of work for you having to bottle feed them and I'm sure you'll be happy when they go home!!

How come you have to do all the birthing anyway????

PEA said...

Oh sis, now you have me giggling like crazy, I could just picture it all in my mind! hehe They all have quite the characters, don't they, just like humans do. Never a dull moment on your homestead! lol Love ya sis. xoxo

goatpod2 said...

Good post!



Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I enjoyed the post.

All the best this Easter Season!

Anonymous said...

love it.

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Barbara said...

Yes very fitting I think, they both are two old goats, lol good post my friend

Anonymous said...

Between the devil and the deep (blue) sea.