Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunny Day At Hidden Haven

Sunny Day, Sweeping the clouds away.... Now that I have the Sesame Street tune locked in your head I will tell you about the sunny day at Hidden Haven.

While Buttons is taking a nap underneath one of the spools in the goat yard Frosty Gerda and Billy Bob are enjoying a nice nap on top of a goat house.

Hayley is trying to nap inside the goat house while watching her son Comet and his little friend Trouble. Trouble is actually asleep standing up like that.

Barbara Bush and her girls are enjoying a nap under the shade tree.

Tobacco (yes, she spits) has taken over the doghouse for the afternoon.

Precious decided to take her nap on top of the spool and leave Little D to nap below where she could keep an eye on her.

After having a very easy early morning delivery Michelle Obama is napping with her brand new baby girl off in a corner away from everyone in the shade.

Bonnie still doesn't have milk for her twin boys. She decided a couple of days ago to try to get rid of the weakest one by stomping on it. It sounds cruel but it was her way of maybe being able to have enough milk for one. The strong one.

 She is being a wonderful mom to the strong one though I am bottle feeding him 4 times a day. I have the little white one in the house

. He has a broken rib and for 2 nights I slept with him on my chest so I could hear him breathe. I could tell when he was in pain and give him something and I could also feed him a few drops with a medicine dropper as he was too weak to nurse a bottle. Today he is still not able to stand but is stronger. He is back to pooping and peeing which he hadn't done for 2 days. He is still nursing from a medicine dropper but hopefully by tomorrow he will be able to go back on a bottle. I know he probably will be like Lester and not live long and most farmers would have just let the mom finish him off or done so themselves. I am not like most farmers. I believe if a animal fights to stay alive and doesn't want to give up then I should do everything I can to help. I won't let one stay alive and just suffer but if I can ease its pain and there is a ounce of hope it should have a chance. The first night I didn't do much but make it comfortable as possible because I really thought it was going to die any second. William and I both shed tears and said a lot of prayers throughout the night. It was gasping for air and couldn't drink anything. By daylight I knew it was a fighter so started giving it vitamin shots, antibiotics, electrolytes, and herbal pain medication. It is breathing 90% better today and though still weak is gaining strength every day. Haven't named the little one yet but will soon. His owner doesn't want to waste the time or care on him so he will stay out his days here at Hidden Haven. Trying not to get my heart wrapped up in him like I did Lester but I believe its too late. When you say your prayers tonight please say a little one for this little one.


Granny said...

You're the best maaaa there is. I think you should stick with the country music names and call this one Waylon cause his mom was wayling away on him. I'll be saying prayers for that little guy.

You sure have a bunch of babies at Hidden Haven. Hazel would be in hog heaven. She'd have them more spoiled than you do. :)

The sun didn't last long here. By the time I'd finished posting it was gone again. The hot weather will be here soon enough.

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Prayers being said for your little one. I agree with you on your decision to let the little guy live, and definitely wouldn't let mom finish him off, that could become a routine to her. I love your pictures, everyone looks so content.

Lynda said...

My goodness! You have a regular goatopia going on, don't you!

Anonymous said...

Praying he will get stronger and be free from pain.

Kelly said...

Peggy I pray for my animals every day and I will ask a special blessing for the little one. They are so sweet there is no way to keep your heart from becoming involved. Oh and YOU HAVE SUN? Oh my goodness. I know we will have sun sometime soon. We are just waiting.

amelia said...

Oh Peggy, Peggy, you know you are going to get your beautiful heart broken again but what choice do you have. He may not die, he may surprise you and fight and live.

I'm hoping and praying...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Peggy, You are just SO good for those sweethearts... I will pray that the little one continues to fight for his life... I know your heart will be broken if he dies, but you will have done everything you can to help. God Bless YOU and all of your Babies.

Rachel said...

I love all the names you have for your goats!!

That little goat is so cute and you are so kind to take care of it. How could you not fall for it! I hope it grows stronger and does well.

Rain said...

You and William have such big hearts. That is something I so admire in you-you are such blessings! I pray for the little one and for strength for you.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Sorry about the little goatie.



DayPhoto said...

Oh, Peggy! I just know your heart will be broke, but for me I'm very glad that the little dear has you. The days will be full of love and not how else they could have been.



Sarah said...

What a lucky little goat to have found you as an advocate for him! I'm looking forward to hearing about his adventures!