Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Looking Like Spring Around The Homestead

Today was sunny but cool so I enjoyed working outside. Most of my day was spent working in the herb garden but I am not quite ready to post photos yet. This photo is the little garden area beside the well house. I have a old farmers sink for a water garden that I set up last year. Cleaned it out and it is working great. The flower pots in the stand have chocolate mint and boy does it smell wonderful. Have a wren building a nest in the birdhouse. The fern was bought a couple weeks ago off the clearance rack for $4. It was almost dead but a little TLC has it growing and looking beautiful. Trouble is still being Trouble and giving his mom a hard time. I still go out and find him for her but thank goodness he has started going back to the same hiding spots so it doesn't take very long to find and give him back to his mom.  I still have 5 goats to play midwife to and am hoping they all kid soon. Looking forward to going back to just my little goat family. Bella and Tinker had a couple weeks back on their runners for digging out of the fence. Tinker came inside the house and Bella didn't make it that far before she heard Tinker getting scolded. She hightailed it back under the fence and was waiting by the gate when I took Tinker back. I took them off the runners yesterday and so far so good. I have been walking them around the fence and telling them no so will see if its working. My friend has been giving me produce from the produce stand so that has kept me busy, plus the animals love all the fresh veggies and fruit every day. Just everyday things going on here at the homestead. Busy but peaceful so I can't complain. Hope you are having a wonderful week and don't forget to count those blessings!


Granny said...

Love the little area with the picket fence around it. You have such a knack for decorating whether it's inside our outside. Grampy came in to see what I was laughing about when I read about Tinker and Bella. Bella sounds like one smart gal going back in and acting like she was innocent.

Glad things are going well for you. Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

These cooler days are more like Spring and make working in the yard much nicer. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

amelia said...

I hope you're feeling better now Peggy.
We have diggers too and we have an awful time keeping them inside our fence. We finally got invisible fencing but most of the time I forget to put the collars on and then I see them, standing outside the gate waiting to be let back in!! It hardly seems worth digging out, just to make their way through the bush and back to the gate!
I hope life stays peaceful for you for a while now. You've earned a little respite...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Love your little area beside the well house... Can't believe that you have brought that fern back to life. Ferns just don't like me at all!!

Glad you know where Trouble's hiding spots are now... What a funny one!!!!!!!

Glad you are getting that free produce... There are so many wonderful people, aren't there? Too bad we don't hear much about the good ones.

Have a good Thursday.

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Sounds like you've been busy... I need to get motivated. I agree, busy but peaceful is a good thing.

Denise said...

I do love busy, but peaceful.....our Hunter has been "called in" a few times for forgetting that he doesn't belong near the road! Today we let Midnight, the "swamp dog" run loose in the yard, while we were outside and he did a great job, I still don't think he will be able to be loose when we are not outside.

Hope the rest of the "kidding" goes well, our neighbor has not had the best season....


Anonymous said...

It's starting to look like Spring here as well!