Monday, April 11, 2011

Trouble With A Capital T

This is Bonnie. She is a dwarf goat that has been staying here until she kidded. Well she had a beautiful black buckling with a white star on his head that I named David. He was born 4 days ago and from the time he was a couple hours old he was trouble for his mom and me thus the name change to Trouble. He loves to wander off and find a place to nap. He naps so hard he doesn't hear his mom calling for him so she gets upset and starts running everywhere crying. I hear her crying and go look for her baby. The first day I found him in the doghouse, then he went thru the fence and took a nap in a black garden pot. He is black, garden pot was black so that took a lot of time to find him. The next day found him under the dog house, in the turkey pen (haven't figured out how he got in there as it has chicken wire he can't squeeze thru), and back in the garden pot. Since then he has been in the hay barn, under the feeding table, inside a 5 gallon bucket or his favorite under the wheelbarrel.

I have spent most of my time finding him for Bonnie. We talked about putting a bell on him but the problem is he finds a spot to nap and doesn't move nor answer his mom when she is calling for him. When he goes home in a few days he is going to have tons more places to find to nap. Going to be one upset Bonnie until Troubles gets a little bigger and can't go thru the fence.


Granny said...

He's beautiful. That's the kind of Trouble I would welcome. Even though he's a pain in the rear for you now, bet you'll miss him when he goes home.

Hope you're having good weather.

amelia said...

He looks like such a cute little thing but the most angelic little faces can have the imp in them!!

I bet you'll miss them when they leave for home.

Ms Martyr said...

I bet Trouble came along just in time to keep you busy so you don't grieve too much for Lester. God has a way of soothing our pain. Plus, maybe He didn't want a goat named after one of his all-time favorites. Although David did a lot of dumb stuff (Bathsheba) so maybe the two names are synonymous.

PEA said...

There's no way such a cute little thing could be trouble....nope I won't believe it! hehe That's so funny, though, the way he keeps wandering off to find places to sleep and no wonder mama gets so upset.

Sis, it's your house number that I need...for some reason I've got two different ones but the same street name. Please email it to me:-) Love you lots! xoxo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Trouble sounds like he just LOVES to run away and HIDE..... This may be a dumb question, but could he be deaf?????? Hope he and Bonnie will stay together more so that you can get your other tasks done!!!!!!!!

Trouble is a cutie though, isn't he????


Peggy that does not look like a white star. it looks like little white horns inside of little black horns!

Anonymous said...

What a nice buckling!