Saturday, November 19, 2011

Demo-Animal Adoption Day at Tractor Supply

We had a awesome day at Tractor Supply. They invited us to demonstrate our log splitter as well as the use and care of chainsaws and how to put up a electric fence. Had fun and got to chat with Mike and Higgins but wouldn't you know I forgot to take pics! Good seeing you again Mike and hope you bring Higgins for a picture with Santa next month.  We had my friend Gerda's grandson and his girlfriend helping us today.

I feel bad I have forgotten the name of the rescue group that had the pets for adoption. They didn't even require a fee! Just fill out a form and sign stating you will have the pet fixed. They have already been vet checked and vaccinated. They go around to the animal shelters in surrounding counties and pick up the animals getting ready to be put down and keep them until they find homes for them. Today almost all the dogs and puppies were adopted. Sorry to say not many of the cats or kittens went to new homes but they will stay with their foster families until they do get adopted.

I was lucky to be inside the store when two puppies were adopted and snapped these pictures.

The puppies and their new family seemed very happy. I also had to sneak a pic of some of the workers at Tractor Supply.
 Leasha is the manager giving me a I am going to kill you look and Jess is bending over opening a box. They are setting up the store for the big sale next weekend. Lots of great gift ideas for human and animals!
They are such friendly and helpful people. Love helping at their events. Next month will find William being Santa so pets can have their picture taking with him and me taking pics. Had a wonderful day but now its off to feed my own animals before they come after me! Have a blessed evening everyone.


Anonymous said...

So happy to know many of those pets found forever homes today.

I know you must be tired tonight and you have lots to catch up on at home.

Hope you get to sit by the woodstove and drink a cup of tea before bedtime.

Love to you all.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, that's cool. and neat that you got to see mike and higgins (and he's probably very happy you didn't remember to take photos!) :)

Mike said...

I'm glad we finally had another visit. Higgins said he's sorry he missed sniffin' Rusty's backside but, maybe that can happen another day.
Higgins takes pics but sadly, I'm like a vampire. My image doesn't show up on film or in mirrors. ;)

I don't remember fire engines having such a high squealing sound before.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am glad to see you are getting in the Christmas spirit. How did you resist not adopting a puppy? I have two lovely orange and white kittens that need a home. Unfortunately cats are plentiful.