Monday, November 21, 2011

New Faces Around The Homestead

 11 baby chicks
 This is Cheep. The chick hatched by a turkey and raised by me. He jumps on my hand everytime I open the door to his and Skates house.
 And this is Skate. He came to us from a lady on Craigs List. He was the only one to hatch out of her incubator.
 And these are the 8 ducklings. The one I dropped while still in the shell and then hatched under a heat lamp is now with its siblings and momma.
 And here are the 3 new goats William purchased in Virgina. Robby the buck
 Olivia and Sissy the doelings. They now act like they have lived here forever. They know how to give you nudges for treats and how to stand at the gate and cry at feeding times. They have the most pitiful cries. Sounds like they are so weak from starvation they can hardly cry. Yep, they fit right in with the rest of Hidden Haven Critters.


Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures! They are lucky to be part of your family, Peggy!

TexWisGirl said...

every one of them ready to be spoiled rotten. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice new additions!


Terry and Linda said...

And what a WONDERFUL life they will have!!!

I would like to be an animal and live with you!