Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Future Judge

I am the first to agree and understand that teachers are overworked, underpaid, get no respect, and have their hands tied when it comes to disciplining students. But teachers also suppose to lead by example, encourage students, help them work toward their dreams. Alas there is one teacher at Franklin High School in Franklin, NC that has destroyed a students confidence and dream. My granddaughter forgot her work folder in her locker. When this teacher told granddaughter she would not be going on the field trip because she forgot the workbook she understood and accepted this punishment. The field trip was a month away and each and every day until the field trip this teacher would ask if you are one of the students not going on the field trip to raise your hand. Granddaughter raised her hand and said teacher would then tease her in front of the others about having to sit in the library while he and the rest of the class would be having fun on the field trip. Granddaughter said nothing. Just sat there embarrassed. Then this same teacher ask the class what they wanted to do in life. Granddaughter said she wanted to be a judge. This teacher then again loud in front of the other students told her she would never be a judge. That she would never get into to college. That she would be lucky if she could graduate a beauty school. Granddaughter is crushed. She has lost confidence in herself. She no longer dreams of being a judge because she thinks she can't get into college because a teacher who should know told her so. If I didn't live 6 hours away I would be at that school in a heartbeat. I would be talking to the principle, superintendent, and school board about this teacher and then he would get a earfull from me! What I did do was write a letter to the principle and a letter to the newspaper there. Its a small town where everyone knows everyone. I wanted to make sure without naming names what one teacher had done to destroy a students dreams. My heart is breaking for granddaughter. She is a smart young lady. She was a cheerleader and band member for several years until she drop them to have more time for studies. She is part of a prayer group at school. Active in school and church activities as well as working a parttime job. This young lady would bend over backwards to help anyone or keep from hurting anyone's feelings. I just wanted to take this chance to say "Hoppy" I am so very proud of you. You are very smart (though I do tease you about those occasional blonde moments). You can get into college! You can be anything you want to be. Don't give up your dreams. Don't let one bad teacher crush all you have worked and dreamed for. Stand tall and show this teacher he is wrong. Show him that he isn't the smart one. Show him by example of the mature, Christian, well mannered young lady that the rest of us know and see in you. Love you to the moon and back Hoppy and look forward to sitting in a courtroom watching you at work.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Poor little gal... There are BAD teachers for sure... Glad you are doing something about it... He has broken her spirit for sure... Kids don't need that. At that age, they need to be 'pumped up' instead of being put down... GADS--makes me mad.

Hope they get rid of that teacher.

HossBoss said...

SHAME on that teacher! Missing the field trip was the consequence and your granddaughter accepted that with good grace. But RIDICULE is nothing but a sadistic person's way of acting out. I hope that principal takes action against that teacher and if the teacher is not fired, I hope your granddaughter is at least moved from his class. More than anything, I hope your granddaughter realizes that HIS problem is not HER problem and she can achieve any goal she sets for herself.

I know 6 hours is a long drive, but I would be tempted to leave Sunday right after church and spend the night with the granddaughter, then have myself a nice little meeting that teacher and principal Monday morning. I would be home before dark ...grrrr.

Phelan said...

What a horrible teacher!

Unfortunately I had 2 of them growing up. I got one fired with a letter to the editor when the school did nothing about it. The other one ended up just pushing me harder for what I wanted to do in life.

Hugs to you all. Things will work out right.

TexWisGirl said...

it sounds like that teacher sees someone who has everything going for her - looks, brains, aspirations - and he feels he's got to tear that down in order to make himself feel better. we humans are a cruel breed.

carolina nana said...

Oh I hate these teachers that don't care what they say to the kids. THey think their superiority allows them to the liberty of brow beating students and I think these teachers should be replaced with compasionate ones. I wonder if this teacher has ever forgotten anything before????
Blessings to your granddaughter,I hope she knows this is just one oppinion.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that "we" can be surrounded by wonderful words of incouragement from loving friends and family yet we choose to take heed to one Turkey, and let them crush us. Sounds like God is sending out one of His life Test and with a great Grandma like you surporting, she'll pass and come out the better person. And poo on that teacher. Keep us posted on the outcome.


Kuma's Mom said...

Peggy I'm pretty sure the school has a written policy on bullying. He is nothing but a bully with his own short comings and the only way to make himself feel better is to bully others. I'd bring him up on charges of bullying, it doesn't have to be student on student, teacher on student is uncalled for as well. I would go talk to the Sheriff and see if he feels the same way.


#1 letter to the editor in their town is in order

#2..6 hours is nothing when it comes to grand kids girl. Fill up the tank and get on the road.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

OH I would **really** like to set my Chris-like example on the shelf for five minutes and ***smack*** that teacher! How DARE he call himself a teacher; he is totally undeserving of that title AND the job. He should be fired, put a shovel in his hand and let him muck barns for the next ten years...for minimum wage!
Tell your granddaughter a Teacher didn't tell her she couldn't get into college. A sad, sorry excuse of a human being told her AND IT'S NOT TRUE. If that lame brain teacher could get into college, it will be Smooth Sailing for your Granddaughter. God is paving the way for the rest of her life. Like Joseph told HIS BROTHERS, "you meant it for evil but God worked it for good".
That "teacher" is an evil brother but God can work the experience for His good and in your Granddaughter's life for His good.
Trust and obey.

Marigold said...

Oh, my gosh! This is terrible! I would butt him across the country if I could. The Goatmother had a teacher in 5th grade who was like that. She took a water color picture she had done up to show the teacher because she was proud of it. The teacher asked her to show it to the class and when she held it up, that teacher said, 'Class, this is how NOT to do a water color'. She remembers it to this day. But, tell 'Hoppy' that the Goatdaughter had an elementary principal tell her she would never be anything - she'd probably end up on drugs. The Goatdaughter, today, is a teacher! Hopppy, you grandma is right. You can be ANYTHING you want to be! Don't listen to that teacher!

Anonymous said...

You go give that sweet child a huge hug and tell her to do well in spite of him, to show him how wrong he was. How dare someone in the position of teacher be such a callous, heartless jerk. I hope someone goes straight to the school board to complain. That man should have no place of influence on kids.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Someone needs to tell that teacher tha Bullying is not allowed even from teachers. Keep on this like a bulldog until you get some results. Hopefully her other teachers are more encouraging.