Saturday, November 5, 2011

What a Day

William is out of town helping his son in law with a emergency roofing job. I have the whole weekend to myself except for taking care of the animals. They must of read my mind on the things I wanted to do with my alone time and made other plans. In the middle of the night I hear the dogs barking like crazy. Not just barking at the wind or the neighbors but really barking like something is wrong. Go out to find the pigs have pushed open their gate and got out. With the help of Bella, Tinker, and Hillary I got them back in and secure (I hope). This morning I have to hook Andy on a runner so I can bring Buttons from the other pen to milk. She is in season and we don't want Andy breeding her. Well I get her in the milk stall and Andy is standing on his hind legs crying and jumping cause he can smell Buttons. Tinker and Hillary think Andy is wanting to hurt Buttons and take off after him. Before I can get out of the milk stall one of them has bit his ear. I get him cleaned up and moved to another pen, after a couple phone calls with William on what to do. Get rest of feeding chores done and come inside. Think it is the perfect day (cold and windy) to stay inside and finish painting the bathroom. All I need to do is a little touch up on the walls and paint the trim and baseboards. Simple huh? Not if you are having my day its not. I thought I would save myself a little time. Instead of pouring the trim paint into a container to hold while I paint I figured I could just hold the paint can while standing on a stool painting over my head.

I now have the cleanest bathroom floor in town! I scrubbed and cleaned on my hands and knees for almost an hour. Then I went ahead and mopped and polished the floor too.
 The bathroom is very small so a few years ago we had the tub removed and put in a corner shower. Also had the toilet turned from facing toward the sink to the door to give more room. The walls were white beadboard with red and beige checked wall paper at the top with country angel boarder. I collect country angels and bathroom signs. This time I painted the walls a primitive yellow. Kept the white trim and baseboards, along with the wallpaper and boarder. Moved my angels and signs around. Even took some down so it wouldn't be too cluttered. My tiny little primitive bathroom is finally done.

                                                Didn't show all this wall as its hard to get it in the picture. There are more signs and angels hanging.
                                           The window is up pretty high from the ground so only have a curtain on bottom half to help make it light and airy.
                                     The sink is a antique washstand I got at a auction years ago. It has worked great for the past few years and I love it.
                                 You can see a part of the shower in this pic. Told you it was a tiny bathroom.
                                       And though there is a rug down the floor is all cleaned with no paint! Now on to painting the diningroom!

Yesterday's menu:
 Breakfast: bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and tea
Lunch: homemade veggie soup and grill cheese and ice water
Supper: William was gone so I had another bowl of soup and a tomato sandwich with a cup of hot tea

Breakfast: just me so a bowl of oatmeal and raisin toast
Lunch: just me again so another bowl of soup and cheese toast, ice water
Supper I am going to warm up leftover veggies from the fridge. It's nice having a break from cooking.
All the veggies were free from my friends produce. Bread is from the racks of bread we get each week for $5.After we pick out the bread we want there is enough bread to fill 3 30 gallon trash cans we use to keep animal feed in to crumble and give to the animals with their feed all week. The bacon was purchased and frozen 3 months ago. Purchased it when there was a good sale. And biscuits made from scratch. So not much cost at all in these meals.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day, Peggy! Hopefully, the animals will settle down now.
Your bath is very nice. I love the wall color - very warm and shows off your angels and signs well. I've done the same thing with paint on the floor. I wanted to stop and cry but there was no time for that!!!
I hope you can enjoy some peace and quiet by the fireside tonight. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Have had paint in my hair before! My Dad and I had to take one of our cats to the vets this morning because he hurt his leg, must have gotten in a fight with another cat or some kind of small animal so he's spending a couple of days at the vet.


HossBoss said...

The pigs are back in their pen, Andy was not seriously hurt and the bathroom project came out great ...all's well that ends well. I hope you can relax this evening, no more unplanned adventures until hubby is home to share them with you!

: )

Carolyn Renee said...

Time alone, hugh?? HA! Glad the paint came off (of course, after a LOT of scrubbing though). The bathroom looks cute & I really like the rug.

Granny said...

I'm glad everything is back to normal. The day Grampy put down the new floor in our kitchen I spilled a pint of paint on it. I thought I'd never get it all cleaned up.

Leigh said...

Peggy, what an adventure, LOL. I have to say your bathroom is so cute! It's just adorable. Love the red and gold. Having had to re-do a teeny, tiny bathroom ourselves, I know exactly what you had to go through. I do that paint can trick myself, but have never managed to spill it like that yet! Great clean up and the results are something to be proud of.

Mike said...

Boy, white floors are so hard to keep clean. lol. I blame William and the new goats. ;)

Denise said...

Love you little bathroom, especially the washstand! Hope you have a quieter day today.

melissa said...

I adore the colors in your bathroom and you have one of those bowl sinks that I think are so classy.

Wonderful job. You should definitely be proud of yourself. It IS great-looking! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Goodness, Peggy... Life is never dull with you. Bless your heart... Hope today has been better --and will pray that you get lots of sleep tonight...

Your meals sound typical of what I'm eating these days. I have no appetite much ---and am being very careful what I eat... I have poached eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch, and a little meat and veggies for supper...

Take care my friend... I hope you get some rest.

Kathleen said...

Wow you are busy. I think I would have sat down and cried first in the spilled paint but what good would that do? I LOVE your sink - it is all so cute!

Terry and Linda said...

Love your bathroom! You are really very talented!


PEA said...

Oh sis, I just love your little bathroom, it's so delightful! I have been wanting one of those antique washstands for ages but every time there's one at the auction I go to, someone always overbids me. Oh dear, I've done that before as well, dropped paint on the fun! lol You did a great job:-) xoxo

Mary said...

Peggy, sounds like you had quite a day, but the bathroom looks wonderful. You did a fantastic job.

Busy time of year on the farm. Take care of yourself.