Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Musings

Why is it my hibiscus waited until November to bloom? It is loaded with buds and blossoms. Why are we having 73F degree weather in November? How do you guys with chickens work around the leaves you put in your chicken pens? Am I OCD when it comes to chicken pens? I don't want the chickens scratching in their own waste so I rake their pens each week and sprinkle food grade DE on the ground, give them fresh ash from the fire pit to roll in, as well as bleach their roosting poles. When I have the leaves on the ground in the pens they end up getting rained on and there is a wet mess of leaves and a very damp ground. Dampness is not good for chickens and can cause respiratory problems. So could a chicken person tell me how they put the raked leaves from their yards into the chicken pens and make it work?  Anyone else giving their animals pumpkins? The farmers market gave us 2 pallets of beautiful pumpkins. I am going to can some but as it is a natural wormer for animals I have been cutting up bite size pieces for the goats, cutting pumpkins in half and letting the chickens and ducks go crazy eating them. Each pen of chickens can finish off a half of a pumpkin down to the skin in just a couple of hours. It is fun watching them. The geese like to bite off pieces and dip them in water before eating. Rabbits don't care for them so they got carrots. Anyone else tired of all the post about Romney now that the election is over? Am so tired of reading and hearing how bad he is. People, he didn't win! He is no problem for you any longer. You should take that time to worry about our country and president. Bashing Romney will not help anything. Well that is what has been mulling around my mind today. Hope you have a blessed one!


goatpod2 said...

We had lovely weather this weekend but it is back to the cold though! We don't have chickens here.


Kelly said...

I wait as long as possible to put the leaves in the pen. My chickens used to be free range so they never were in their pens long. Now they stay in until the afternoon so the coop gets pretty poopy. I would scrape each and every piece of poop out of the coop on a daily basis. The leaves are there just for when it rains or snows because th coop gets really muddy. I let them scratch up the leaves for a few weeks then clean it out and put more down or some straw, I prefer nothing on the ground so I can keep it clean but this is only for a few months. My chickens loved eating our pumpkins too!!!!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Peggy, Our Rhododendron is trying to bloom -and one of our Azaleas has a bloom on it... Duh!!!!!

HOWEVER, a front went through and this morning's low was 28 (with a heavy frost).. SO--maybe winter is here.

I so agree about Romney.... Why does everyone play the 'blame game'???? GADS

Mary said...

Peggy, It's been mild here through the day but cool at night. Warm days and cool nights. It seems too nice for the middle of November.

Hope all is well with you and yours and thanks for dropping by the Writing Nook.