Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday's Wonderful Blog Neighbor

 Because I think I have the most awesome blog neighbors I wanted to share some with you. Each Wednesday I will post one of my blog neighbors and hope you will drop by their blog for a visit. You don't have to follow them or even leave a comment (though that would be nice). Just stop by and check them out. Who knows you might like them so much they become your neighbor too! 

This week (day late) I would love for you to visit Backwoods Mom . This Alaska mom has her hands full with her kids building a cabin while hubby works away from home. They are wanting to move off grid and are building the cabin themselves. She even does plumbing! Her children are pretty talented too. Her and her husband have fostered and adopted some of her crew. Scroll through the blog and see posts and pics of their cabin and other adventures. You will LOVE reading her blog and bet you will want to add her as one of your blog neighbors too!


Betsy Adams said...

Wow--living in Alaska without hubby trying to raise your kids AND build a cabin has to be hard for anyone. That lady must be pretty special. Thanks for featuring her.

5 Monkeys and a Chick said...

I have just read a few of her postings. She is an incredible soul and a blessing to those children. Amazing!