Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Too Quiet

It is so quiet around the homestead. There was 12 of us for Thanksgiving weekend and the house was full of fun and laughter. Lots of games of UNO,lots of movies, lots of food, and lots and lots of talking. My son in law Joseph help me build another goat house, make wooden holders for the ornaments I made for the Craft Fair. He and Melody helped me rake the chicken pens and the grands helped me cover the roosting shelter openings with plastic to keep winter winds out. Plans were made for 3 family weekends here on the homestead next spring, summer, and winter. Had lots of teasing and joking going on around here. Not one person wanted to do any Black Friday shopping. We were content to be together.

This week has me hurrying to get all my craft projects finished before Saturday. There is a big craft fair at Tractor Supply. There will be over 20 vendors, sleigh rides, Santa stopping by, hot chocolate, bowls of chili so am hoping we will be really busy and sell lots of items.I also have craft projects for 5 people I need to finish up. Its a pay it forward project and I have some very special people I want to pay it forward to. Grandson Harvey is spending the week and is helping Pop Pop and I feed the animals. He is also having fun playing with them as well.

I will be going to the mountains for Christmas. I wasn't going to go this year but things have worked out where I can get away and I want to visit with my brothers while there. The girls and the grands have plans for me and I look forward to just enjoying the grands. This holiday season seems to be turning into a busy but fun one. It will also be a frugal one. Being our families are so large we do homemade, thrift store, yardsale, gift giving. It actually is a lot more fun trying to make or find the perfect gift and be the one that spent the least amount of money.

I was blessed with a half bushel of tomatoes last night and will be in the kitchen soon canning. They are from Florida but actually have a good taste to them. I get sorta spoiled eating fresh tomatoes from the garden but winter time will not turn down canning tomatoes.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and your holiday season is filled with blessings!


judie said...

Your family Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. So nice to read of happy, family times. :)

Betsy Adams said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the holidays... I know you are thrilled to spend time with your wonderful family, Peggy... That is AWESOME.


Kelly said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm so glad you are going to spend Christmas in the mountains. I wish snow your way and a nice warm wood stove to keep you warm. Much Love