Friday, October 12, 2012

Beautiful Fall Friday

Just had to hang the monster eyeballs for a little Halloween fun

The sun is shinning and its suppose to be around 70F today. I have plans to get the rest of the fall decorations put up and get the guest room ready for grandson Harvey. He will be coming tomorrow to spend a week with Pop Pop and Grandma.
I am finally able to walk with just a small limp and little pain to my knee so have lots of outside chores to catch up later today. We had 2 hens show up with baby chicks. One has 8 and the other has 3 so had to clean and get the brooder houses ready for them. We hadn't planned on chicks this fall. The baby ducks are still getting out of their pen and stressing momma duck so I plan on fixing that problem.

Lots of things on the to do list but if it all doesn't get done today I am sure Harvey will love giving grandma a hand.

My dear sweet German friend Gerda made this wreath for my door. I just love the wreath and her! She had her own florist shop for 30 years and is one talented lady.

So its time to get myself out the door and busy. Have a very blessed fall day and don't forget.....


TexWisGirl said...

you've got all sorts of decor going on! enjoy that time with your grandson!

Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful Fall decorations. I haven't done any decorating yet. It may be winter before I have time to decorate for Fall... ha ha

Enjoy your grandson.. I'm sure you will... BUT--take care of that knee.

Have a great weekend/week.

Kelly said...

So glad your knee is feeling better. The decorations look wonderful. It makes me want to get busy. Thanks for the motivation.

judie said...

Your fall decor is wonderful. It gives me a peaceful feeling and I want to sit in that porch rocker. I still haven't heard from JoAnn so I'm just resigned to knowing in my heart she is ok with her life. Take care and get well soon.

Barbara said...

Just beautiful, love your blog I always feel very refreshed when visiting and reading here, sorry I am not here more often trying to work on that and get back to blogging myself. Have a great day. Hugs