Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Sandy

Finished weeding flower beds, mowing and weedeating for the last time until spring for a customer. Fall is finally arriving here in the south. I wanted to post a picture of a opossum that came inside when I left the back door open. It was pretty upset with me cornering and catching it in a net to take outside. I accidentally deleted the picture when I cleaned the memory card for Amber's service. But I guess you know you are a homesteader when you have to remove a opossum from your livingroom.

Right now it looks like Sandy will be skirting past us with only a inch or so of rain and 30mph winds. I am looking forward to the rain and wind and the cold weather that is coming right after her. We need the rain and the wind will hopefully take all the leaves off the trees so I can get the raking done in one chore instead of raking every few days till Christmas. And of course I am going to love the cold weather. Its only going to get down in the 30's but at least it will be cold enough to have a fire in the stove and the kettle simmering for tea. Prayers going up that it won't cause damage to my northeastern neighbors.  Pot of stew simmering in crockpot, pinto beans and cornbread all ready for a nice supper. Goats,rabbits,chickens, dogs, and other animals all have dry,fresh, bedding and they seem ready for our crazy weekend weather. Stay warm and safe everyone and don't forget to count those blessings!


TexWisGirl said...

oh dear! cornered possums are not happy critters! glad you didn't get bit.

Really?! hmmm.... said...

Glad you are back!

Betsy Adams said...

Yipes----I would be scared to death if a possum came into our house.... Remind me to tell you what I did when a bat got in the house once.... HA (I covered my head under a blanket.... )

Hope you stay safe --and get a little rain but not too much wind. That storm looks horrible. I worry about friends who are in its path...

Take care, my Friend.

PEA said...

I'm hoping that Sandy hasn't affected you at all, sis, prayers that all is well!! We've been having high winds and some rain/snow but that's it, thank goodness.

Since today is Halloween, I wanted to share this little poem with you...

This is Halloween

Goblins on the doorstep,
Phantoms in the air,
Owls on witches' gate posts,
Giving stare for stare.

Cats on flying broomsticks,
Bats against the moon,
Stirring round of fate-cakes,
With a solemn spoon.

Whirling apple parings,
Figures draped in sheets,
Dodging, disappearing,
Up and down the streets.

Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,
Shadows on a screen,
Shrieks and starts and laughter--
This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween and make sure you come by my blog today for my Halloween Bash and see what costume I dressed you up in! hehe xoxo