Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doesn't Matter

That in a few days the temps will be back up to 80F. Yesterday, last night, and today has chilly weather in the 40's and low 50's. Rain, wind, and low temps makes me feel like winter is actually going to show up this year. A small fire in the wood stove last night along with a pot of veggie/beef soup simmering on the stove made for a perfect evening. I even had a cup of hot apple cider and for breakfast this morning I had a nice cup of hot chocolate. A little taste of fall weather is just what I needed to get motivated. I have green beans in the fall garden needing picking along with a lot of bell peppers. I want to get out the fall decorations to decorate inside and out. I just love decorating for fall almost as much as Christmas. The girls and families will be here Thanksgiving weekend so I have that extra push to get things done. Grandson Harvey will be coming down Saturday to spend the week. I see lots of cookie baking in our future. He is such fun to have around. Today I have baby lima's in the crockpot with cabbage and smoked sausage simmering on the stove for tonight's supper. Cool weather brings the urge to cook and bake and that is something I love to do. Robby the stinky goat has settled down for the moment. He is actually staying put in his pen with Harley. The girls are happy and milk production has went back up. Got to enjoy the milk while we can before its time to dry them off to rest for kidding season. Ducklings are running around everywhere. Momma Duck doesn't like them sneaking through the fence out of her reach. There is one that is always into something, not where he is suppose to be, ignoring his momma calling him, or just being stubborn. I get more laughs out of him. When I hear Momma Duck making lots of noise I always know it involves this little fellow in some way. We are going to sell the babies when they are older but this one I think will be a keeper. Rabbits are bred to hopefully have bunnies ready to sell at Christmas. This is something we always do for Tractor Supply and have had good success with. Things around the homestead seem to have gotten into a nice routine with the arrival of cool temps. Lets hope winter makes an even more relaxing routine. Have a blessed day!


PEA said...

It's 54F and very windy over here today...I was out all afternoon putting away my patio furniture as well as garden decorations, faeries, etcl. I thought I was going to get blown away, it was so blustery! lol

I love this time of year as well. It was our Thanksgiving yesterday and it was lovely being able to have the electric fireplace on and have apple cider simmering on the stove while the turkey was cooking in the oven:)

I know how much you love visits from your grandchildren so you'll no doubt have a fun week with Harvey once he arrives:) xoxo

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Peggy, There's just something special about the first real cool spell in Fall. It's energizing for sure... TERRIFIC..

Sounds like you all are doing well. Cold here this week. We have been enjoying a fire in the fireplace all week... Love it!!!


Sarah said...

It was in the 50's here today and I absolutely loved it! When I can throw on a hoodie, jeans and Doc Martens I'm in my element!!! I know exactly what you mean about decorating for fall!!! We go all out for Christmas but fall/Halloween/harvest/Thanksgiving decorations are a very close second!!! Fall is my favorite time of year and I often jump the gun on the decorating but I really can't help myself.

So glad the Robby the goat has settled down a bit! I had a great giggle when I read that part of the post. You should try to get a video of the mama duck trying to reign in her young one. It sounds like a hoot! Have a great day!