Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No Blog Neighbor Post Today

Today I was taking photos of graveside services for my friend Debra's daughter. A very hard thing to do through tears but was an honor to do something for her and her family. Am sharing the photos here. You will have to pause the music on my sidebar before playing. Please tell your family and friends that you love them as you never know if we will get another chance.


Kelly said...

Peggy, your pictures are soo touching. I have chills, I'm crying, and I'm praying for the family to heal as much as they can. You are soo right about telling family you love them, you never know. Take care {{{hugs}}}

Marci said...

Peggy, you did a beautiful job.

goatpod2 said...

We always tell loved ones that we love them, just told my 90 year old Grandma that we loved her before she passed away, 3 weeks ago. You did a good job Peggy!



PEA said...

Oh sis, you did a wonderful job taking the pictures, such a touching tribute. With tears in my eyes, I'm sending you big hugs from across the miles. xoxo

Betsy Adams said...

I know that the family appreciated your interest in Amber and her family... Asking for prayer requests is so important ---and you did that so willingly. May God Bless YOU---and God Bless Amber's family/friends..

Betsy Adams said...

Excellent Video, Peggy... You did a great job --and it was very tastefully done.


Mary said...

Oh, Peggy, what a beautiful and heart touching tribute to sweet Amber. I have added her family to my prayer list.

You did a wonderful job with this.