Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eleven Blessed Duckies

 Friday the ducks wouldn't go inside their house where their nests were. They stood on the side quacking away. Little Jonathan was the first to spot the snake having his evening meal off duck eggs. My SIL Joseph and I got the snake out of the nest. We usually don't kill snakes around here but Joseph killed this one so it wouldn't come back to the nest. It had a belly full of egg and a couple of empty shells lay next to him.
 I didn't think Freda wouldn't go back on her nest and the eggs would get cold. Next morning to my surprise there were 11 baby ducks climbing all over their mommy's back. Hopefully Daisy will hatch her eggs later this month. She hasn't started sitting on her eggs fulltime yet.  The 11 are everywhere and its taking mom and dad both keeping up and scolding them. 3 have the Afro hair like their mom. They are adorable and I find myself just standing in front of the pen watching them. Have a couple of grands already wanting to take some home when they come for Thanksgiving. These duckies are blessed to be here and not in a snakes belly.


TexWisGirl said...

ooh, that snake sure was full! darn it!

Tombstone Livestock said...

So happy your baby ducks hatched and were not eaten by the snake. Sand Flat Farm posted pictures of a black snake they found in chicken house, they had used golf balls in chickens nests and ube snake ate 6 of them, think the snake was a little sluggish with a digestive problem.

Carolyn Renee said...

I just love, love, LOVE flappy baby duck feet! Congrats on the new hatch.

Betsy Adams said...

Yes--those little baby ducks are truly blessed... Thank Goodness you found the snake and killed it... Bet those baby ducks are adorable!!!!!


Kelly said...

Peggy, I'm so glad you came along when you did. Animals let us know when something isnt quite right. The duckies are adorable.