Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My granddaughter Kristine had her first wreck Saturday night. She was on her way home from work ran out of the road and over corrected. She ended up going up a bank then flipping over. The whole family has been giving thanks to God for keeping Kristine safe. She crawled out of the wreck with only 2 scratches and pulled muscles in her back. Also for the first time she hadn't buckled her seat belt. If she had been wearing it she would either be dead or in intensive care. The top of the car was crushed down onto the steering wheel. She could have been crushed. It had been raining and she was driving slow thank goodness or that could have caused her serious injuries. She is a trooper though and didn't take any days off work or school even though she is very, very, sore.

Several have ask about the diet I am on. It is called "The 3 Day Military Diet" where you follow a strict diet for 3 days and eat normally for the other 4 days of the week.  The first 2 days I am fine but the third day is the strictest and I get cranky. I am going to be on this for at least 6 weeks. William is only going to be on it 3 or 4 weeks. Last week I lost 8lbs and hopefully I will lose at least the same this week. It takes willpower but it does work and you have 4 days of the week to eat normal but healthy. Let me know if you try it and how you do.


Betsy Adams said...

Glad your granddaughter is okay. That is scary!!!!

Congrats on your success on your diet... But--please don't lose too fast. You will gain it back much faster. Just be patient...


Ian Holland said...

Happy that she is OK. I've heard of the Military diet. If you open the fridge between meals, somebody shoots you. :-} Way to go, and take it slow.

Kelly said...

So glad your granddaughter alright! It's scary to think that not wearing her seatbelt was good.
Good luck with the diet, the menu doesn't look too bad ☺