Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday's Wonderful Blog Neighbor

  Because I think I have the most awesome blog neighbors I wanted to share some with you. Each Wednesday I will post one of my blog neighbors and hope you will drop by their blog for a visit. You don't have to follow them or even leave a comment (though that would be nice). Just stop by and check them out. Who knows you might like them so much they become your neighbor too!

Today I am introducing you to Jaz at October Farm

 She is so talented!!! If you look through her archives you will see some of her decorating skills. But that is not all! This lady can cook! She should be a chef in the best restaurant in the world. But that is still not all. She not only cooks for her family and sometimes events her daughter hosts, she cooks and donates food to a soup kitchen for the homeless! Jaz doesn't just warm up can or frozen premade foods and breads. She makes everything from scratch and pays for items out of her own pocket. She has guys meeting her at the soup kitchen door anxious to taste what she has prepared for the day. When you don't find her decorating or in the kitchen you will find her in her gardens. She won't be alone because wherever she is you will find Teddy.

He is the baby of the family and loves to be treated as such. I sure hope you will pop over to October Farm for a visit. You won't be disappointed and I know you will enjoy the smells coming outta the kitchen. Jaz will be happy to give you some of her yummy recipes and while you are there ask to see her witch collection. Amazing!

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