Thursday, January 10, 2013

This and That

Some of my sweet grands at Christmas. Quintin was on his way from FL and Julie was at her Auntie's when this pic was taken
Granddaughter Julie
The past 3 days have been a challenge  but with good results. William and I have put on weight the past couple of months and decided to diet. Most diets are for long periods of time and I give up and gain the weight back. I found after some searching a 3 Day Military Diet where you can lose up to 10lbs in those 3 days then you eat normally for 4 days before going back on dieting for 3 days. The first and second day weren't so bad but I stayed tired and sleepy. The 3rd day is hard as you eat VERY SMALL amounts of food. Today is our 3rd day and as of this morning William had lost 7 lbs and I had lost 8. Will weigh again in the morning after surviving this starving day. LOL I do know that in the morning I will have a cup of hot chocolate and a cheese omelet. I am going to watch what I eat over these 4 days and going to do some sweating the oldies. You can't exercise much during the 3 days because you don't have the energy. We both had a hard time coming down off our sugar high. But hopefully we will be at our goal weights at the end of 30 days. I miss being around the grands and listening to them laughing and talking. I miss playing the card game Mississippi with Julie,Justin, Christian, and Melody. That was such a fun night. Hopefully I will see all of them again this summer. Grandson Harvey is coming tomorrow evening for a 2 week stay. He will keep me moving.  While I was in the mountains Tinker and Bella started escaping the goat pens several times a day. William just started letting them stay in the house at night so now they think when its dark its time to be inside. They get me up super early to go outside and potty so I am getting chores done early and have time to get other projects done and some cleaning on the outside. Bella is due to have puppies near the end of this month. This will be her last litter. We decided not to breed Tinker and Falcor is not happy about that.  I have 2 hens and a turkey sitting on eggs. Not my choice but while I was away William didn't know where all the nests were and some days he didn't collect eggs. Hens thought that was a sign to sit. Tessa the turkey was suppose to hatch her eggs while I was away but none of her eggs were good. Don't think Fred topped her. She kept sitting on bad eggs so when I came home I took the eggs away and put 4 chicken eggs under her. She has raised chicks before with no problem. Hopefully spring will find her and Fred romancing and having fertile eggs.  As usual its a crazy but normal time around the homestead. I am truly blessed!


TexWisGirl said...

pups and chicks! you'll have your hands full!

Kelly said...

How fun! I hope the eggs hatch for you! I have seven cochin pullets and am hoping for several broodys this spring ☺

Betsy Adams said...

Sounds like life on the homestead is still interesting --and that the animals are still multiplying!!!!!

So proud of you and William with your diets. Hope that works out for you... Keep up the good work.


Kelly said...

Glad you have such wonderful memories from you time with the family. The diet is a horrible thing. Any diet is a horrible thing. :) Keep up the good work. You and William will be happy when you're done. We hope to have turkey eggs soon. Nothing is laying much with the shorter days and cold temps. Much Love.